…so there was this costume party, right…

If there’s anything I have learnt from the whole “plan-my-party” thing, its that I hadn’t considered one small thing. If I had, the whole thing would have read, “Plan & Host My Party for me while I sit back and have a blast.” What happened was this, I played the part of headless chicken with loads of gusto and zeal… and passion and dedication.

Come to think of it, I have also learnt that there are in fact some people in this wonderful country of ours that is ready for the CHOGM thing, that understand what bringing a bottle is all about. There is also a small portion of said people that know what costume wearing is all about… some to a “hole” new degree.

In my defense, I was a handy man called April not so much because I am THAT creative…or into that sort of thing… the truth is I discovered the name on the overall waaaay after I’d worn it. If you have attempted to wear an overall you can attest to that small fact, it takes a heck-load of time putting it on that when you’re done the last thing on your mind is reading what’s written on it. So,yes, I’d have worn it even if it read “Antichrist” or worse still, “Bebe Kool”.

Dante gets points (come on you guys, you musta seen THIS coming…) for his cunning plan. To the untrained eye, he was wearing a black outfit…. But, upon closer inspection he was a styled up grim reaper…nay, Johnny Cash… What works here is the fact that he can wear this “costume” anywhere and get away with it.

Dee’s outfit was… Hole-y…and solicited a similar reaction when it presented itself clinging on for dear life to her body. Speaking of Holy…

Baz’s Reverend Pimp Bizzle Managed to be at the end of many a joke…. My favourite came in from “the boda boda rider” who lamented thus, “As if its not enough that they are taking little boys, now they are taking the hot chics!”

The upcoming local artiste… aka Cassidy… aka Harry Potter loses points for being confusing, but he earns them back for the simple reason that he sounded nothing like a local artiste and we were all grateful that he didn’t try to sing.

The Catholic School Girl just earns them …JUST!!

The fairy put a spell on many of us and I’m sure you may have read about her on some other blog.

Sharon Stone gets points because we are eternally grateful that she looks nothing like her namesake; the actress once revered for crossing her legs…or not.

The Beggar showed that in as much as we are loath to admit it, they too can bring sexy back…

Now that we’re done with the lengthy intro… here are the pics… not all of ‘em… I had to sieve through 99 pix to get here… Read more