The One About The Law

He: Do you know why I’m arresting you?

She: Kale you’re dry! Am I supposed to do your job?

He: Madam, it’s because you are not supposed to move under the influence.

She: I’m not driving. Be serious.

He: Excuse you please. Even walking is a punishable offense.

She: Are you telling me Walking To Work wasn’t bad enough,you had to find other ways to punish people who have no cars?

He: Only those running on liquor.

She: But I’m not even drunk.

He: Your eyes are red.

She: I was rubbing…

He: Rub-a-dubbing is a punishable offense.

She: …my eyes.

He: I don’t believe you. I’m going to need you to blow in to this…

She: I know my rights. My mouth is for eating….

He: In that case I’m going to have to arrest you for dressing  indecently. According to the anti-pornography act…

She: How is this indecent?

He: Your clothes are see through. I can see your panties.

She: That’s where you’re wrong. I’m not wearing any. That’s cellulite.

He: Well, in that case, I will charge you with attempting to lure men…

She: What? That was not my intention.

He: No?

She: No.

He: In that case, I’m going to arrest you for attempting to lure women, which, as my luck would have it,  is a punishable offense according to the Anti-Homosexuality act…

She: That law has loop-holes…

He: Madam, don’t bring holes in to this…

She: Where is the sense in arresting a gay person and throwing him or her in to a place where he or she may be sodomized?

He: We don’t throw them in to jail first. First we probe them…

She: My point exactly…

He: … then we put them in a cell without soap.



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