Blogger’s say the darndest things

First off, between you and I, I’m not sure that’s the spelling of that word up there. I ran a google search for it and it seemed okay. Thing is, google is frequently trawling the interwebs and stocks it’s results with stuff like, ‘kandahar’ ‘babylon’ vuvuzela’ and Zuena.

That said, rather than go into the usual BHH update mode, telling you who was there and who wasn’t, I figured we’d switch this up a little.

People have often asked me what goes on at the Blogger Happy Hour, what we discuss and stuff like that. I usually invite them to come over to say hi (and suffer the agony of name calling, ie Well-wishers, posers, twitterers(SIC), gatecrashers and so on), but now, to save you the distance and fuel, here are 10 things that have been flung around during BHH.

In no particular order (and not featuring stuff Rev has said seeing as I have such precious little time and Rev’s stuff needs a post of its own, spanning paragraph upon paragraph… anyway, enough of that, here’s the meat…


10. Who is going for Comedy Night?

9. I don’t give a c**t’s hair!

8. Baz, are you praying?

7. He is a trial… a tribulation

6. Who writes like this?

5. You’re such a dildo (funny how I can write that word and not the other)

4. Stop saying goodbye to my breasts

3. (response to number 4) sorry, I thought they were your shoulders

2. I won’t go down on you again! 

1. (response to number 3) he didn’t say goodbye to my breasts, he said goodbye to my armpits!

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  • Nev Reply February 1, 2011

    Never heard any of that stuff at BHH….and then again, only Tipsyalco…and Rev would say that with me around…. tehehe… Y'all think I'm such a green kid and not in terms of American green, or rasta green…

    Find grace, peace.

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