Mills and Boon; Take #1

He gazes into her eyes. Looking past her long delicate eyelashes and descending into the abyss of her white orbs. Falling deeper and deeper. He doesn’t realise it at first, but when he does, he doesn’t fight it. He takes it like a man. A man falling into the eyes of the woman he loves. When he lands, he picks himself up, dusting himself of whatever sediment of emotion has collected. Gathered.

He staggers; drunk, perplexed. Realising that it is futile. The emotion is from within, not without.

He glances about him, realising, for the first time that it is not in her eyes that he wanders. He is beyond that. Past all that.

He realises. He is in her heart and the emotion that has collected has made its way to his own and she…she lives in his.

He blinks. The blink of a man in love.

And then he sees her. As one seeing another for the first time. In light anew. . .




  • Ashy Reply June 9, 2010

    Appropriate Mills and Boon reaction?

  • petesmama Reply June 14, 2010

    Erm… okay. Let us know when he has finished drowning in her pools of eyes.

  • tumwijuke Reply June 23, 2010

    Is the opposite of delicate eyelashes indelicate eyelashes?
    Enough cheese in this post to satisfy by blog craving today. Thanks Kiddies' Corner.

  • Miss Cheri Reply July 11, 2010

    "The emotion is from within, not without."

    Emotion from without? Please explain.

  • Sleek Reply July 27, 2010

    Thank God you trailed off before we jointly puked on you

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