Did you guys watch the Eviction Show

It was like a coming of age story. Boy meets girl. They hug and there’s joy and happiness all around. For a couple of minutes and then Big Sis rears her nastiness like a wicked step sister and puts an end to the honeymoon. I didn’t see much promise for the eviction show, but I was pleasantly surprised. Even the presence of Nigeria’s answer to Racheal K (Sasha) didn’t sway me. I stayed the course and beamed when the second twin was unveiled prematurely. That’s right, the housemates met number Erastus a week early. I suspect the costs of accommodating him on his own were higher than anticipated.
As expected, the unveiling of the girls was something of a big deal. It would have probably made more sense if they’d evicted Edna (Angolan) and Maggie (The tall one) THEN unveiled the girls. IK offered running commentary every step of the way, just in case blind people had tuned in this time and Edna’s highlights revealed that she had kissed the Tanzanian. That’s right, she kissed a girl but Africa didn’t like it. She also says she did see it coming, then that she didn’t, then she did. It’s a messy monologue that ends with her saying she met very beautiful women in the house (heh) and that she learnt something about Africa. If you ask me she could have gone to Facebook instead of entering the house and saved us a lot of trouble




  • Sibo Reply September 24, 2009

    Dude, what is that all about? 🙄

  • Ivan Reply September 24, 2009

    Sibo, it’s about Big Brother

  • Ashy Reply September 24, 2009

    No, not until now….

  • degstar Reply September 25, 2009

    obviously i ain’t missing much not watching telly

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