BBA IV: It Starts

The show is on! It’s bugging me no end that there are no ladies at the moment. Biggie says that there will be some eventually, but for a week we are going to have to make do with what’s available. And what’s available is annoying and noisy!

There were four people in the house that the host (name eludes me) let on were ‘celebrities’. I suppose it is a good thing he told us that otherwise we’d be thinking, ‘who the hell are these people’…a sentiment that was later shared when one of the housemates asked, “what country are you from’?
A truly humbling moment to say the least!

What did get my attention up at some point was the outfit that lady from O Access was wearing (actually it was less the outfit, more the apparent lack thereof), then she musta noticed because she went and changed, leaving us to gape at the second female celebrity who seems to have a problem with keeping her lips together.

We have two Ugandans in the house. I’ve been informed that the one with an ego the size of which is rivaled by his afro, was in Greenhill Academy…as was the other Ugandan. You know what, I should have simply said that both Ugandans were in Greenhill Academy and moved on.

A brief recap of BBA over the years is over at the BBA IV page, if it looks familiar, it’s pro’lly coz it was in the Sunday paper.

Catch you guys on the flip, I need to get down to work, watching this show… which will be hard coz for a week I will be paying attention to a bunch of chaps bonding, well, occupational hazards I guess.





  • Ashy Reply September 7, 2009

    … And the insomnia ends 😀

  • Mr. E. Bazanye Reply September 7, 2009


    Of Rihanna, preferably.

  • nikolas Reply September 7, 2009

    i am not watching till they get some females in the house. the twins thing is interesting, for a moment i thought my tv was broken when the second one appeared.

  • Nevender Reply September 7, 2009

    Is it still rated PG 18? Coz now I’m scared because there are no women…

  • Sleek Reply September 7, 2009

    nev is suggesting something your blog shouldn’t allow..delete his comment.

  • Cleopatra Kay Reply September 15, 2009

    Hahahahahahaa….. Nevender, seriously?

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