I’m tired! I’m not going to bitch and whine seeing as our office accounts guy discovered I have a blog and a facebook account, but shit, when kenny latimore said he knew that there would be days like this, he had no idea that my life would be a case study on(here it comes) the same. I feel like I’ve been on some borderline exile type thing, but I can’t be bothered to apologise because to some degree that sort of presupposes that I’ve garnered such interest and stuff. I’d sooner say I’ve got a block or something. I know what I’ll do, I’ll post a picture in the time being so it doesn’t seem like I am doing badly. In the tradition of having some sort of back story to the pic, I will say this. Entebbe Airport, not ours anymore.

See, things were going along smoothly, we were blissfully ignorant and things were perfect, until…Untitled-1 copy




  • nev Reply July 27, 2009

    OOOOhhhh…nice temp thingy..

  • nev Reply July 27, 2009

    Ebbs on Ebay!!! Mukama tuyambe!!!

  • petesmama Reply July 27, 2009

    Again, I don’t know whether to lol or cry. Uganda, really!

  • The Emrys Reply July 27, 2009

    well, it took them longer than i expected, but alas finally…

  • King Reply July 27, 2009

    I like the 10% positive feedback thingie. Right about accurate, although possibly 3% too generous.

  • Carlo Reply July 27, 2009

    Why is no one finding this funny? It says “+ Uganda’s Reputation”. Come on now, I think someone’s hilarious! And it’s only for $3.00!!!!!
    Phephisa Ivan. Come and I tell you what the word means.

  • eddsla Reply July 28, 2009

    gwe ivan man, am tryin to google this shait but all am gettin is “raid on entebbe”…yes i want to buy lol

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