Food For Thought





  • jny23ug Reply June 26, 2009

    Saving the best for last. eeh Ivan.

  • petesmama Reply June 26, 2009

    The mohawk is so hot right now!

  • the emrys Reply June 26, 2009

    was it the result of a cross btn pig and fish. it eerily looks like one you know

  • Sibo Reply June 26, 2009

    That fish looks dazed!

  • Ivan Reply June 26, 2009

    @Jny: But isn’t that the best time for it?
    @Petesmama: It’s all about attitude these days
    @The Emrys: Are you kidding me? Where are these fishy looking pigs?
    @Sibo: The haste with which it was ‘handled’ may explain it

  • Walkonby Reply June 26, 2009

    Granted you ate everything but the head, why would you waste resources this way? Have you any idea how many people are starving? That fish head had enough flesh on it to fill a palm-full, tut tut tut 🙂

  • chanel Reply June 27, 2009

    YUCK! Will see if I will still feel the same way five maybe ten months down the road but today YUCK

  • nevender Reply June 28, 2009

    That fish looks like a pig! What the hell?

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