I need to watch The Hangover. …

I need to watch The Hangover. It may impart what wisdom I’ve failed to pick every Saturday morning




  • Ashy Reply June 25, 2009

    You say this mid-week? Id say sunday is a better day 😀

  • Sleek Reply June 25, 2009

    That’s it? you cheating man…

  • the emrys Reply June 25, 2009

    you cheeky man, hangover on a wednesday, damn!

  • Be Silent Reply June 25, 2009

    I feel you on the hang over. Why do we always do this to ourselves? 😕

  • greydna Reply June 25, 2009

    kati me i am always drunk i hardly ever get hangovers

  • greydna Reply June 25, 2009

    drunk on love i mean

  • greydna Reply June 25, 2009

    i know. I keep promising myself never again. But then Friday comes around and then i say to myself, maybe next week…

  • Ivan Reply June 26, 2009

    Ashy: My Sundays are reserved for somethin else!
    Sleek: I didn’t even know the silly thing had posted here, it was a twitter thingy.
    Emrys: I meant the movie!
    Be Silent: The MOVIE!!
    Greydna: Come, let me get you high!

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