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obama-palin-dancing-stars Hi people,

Remember THIS

I was going to go with remember THEM, but it hit me that there is no way I could link to each of them properly. So anyway, Sara needs some help from you guys. I’d love to get into the nitty gritty of it, but she wrote an email, so it makes more sense for me to just copy and paste (not in a Joey Kibs sorta way, mind you).


So, here goes:


I (Sara) am hosting this 24 hour camp next weekend for around 15 youngsters about the Millennium Development Goals and education about ‘Developing countries’ in the Danish High Schools.


My opinion on this; there is too much ignorance, prejudice and lack of experience and understanding in the communication about the global south in Denmark.

That is why we did the movie with you guys and that is why I took on the task to do this workshop!


The deal is that 15 young people have 24 hours to develop an interdisciplinary education sequence (2 weeks) in a new and interesting way concerning the Millennium Development Goals.


My perception and advice for them will be to make use of the new social media to get a more dialogical communication with the global south. And I will show some of the movie “UBHH”, the last 4 minutes where Rev read up his post about representation and you have the group discussion around the table


I had this idea, maybe it could be fun to have a skype conversation with one or more of you guys, about these issues. It could be about:


How have you in your education heard or worked with the Millenium Development Goals?


How do you get taught about the global west in schools in Uganda?


Or do you as professionals in the social media have any ideas for how to make global education in high schools in Denmark?


These are just ideas, if you have other ideas I would be glad to hear them.


So, the plan is to be available for a short chat with these young Danish people on Saturday.


I think video skype would be the best way to communicate, that way we can communicate directly and we can see each other.


My skype name is sara_mortensen.

Take care, and looking forward to hear from you,




Yeah, that’s pretty much it. What say ye?

And I’m sorry about the picture, it has no relevance, but I found it on the big WWW and I just had to share




  • Tandra Reply March 3, 2009


  • DoomsDay Reply March 3, 2009

    This was way before my time but the video does bring alot to light

    I did some millennium goal stuff in some other life but it was too time consuming…I did want to forget about the experience but guess if the cause is good, I can go looking inthe basement

  • the antipop Reply March 3, 2009

    Really? that picture?

  • Baz Reply March 3, 2009

    hah hah hah! You cafe pap late sippin, Steak Out hangin’ DSTV watchin’ Muyenga livin’ Ivory Tower residin’ Carlton Banks Hanna Montana 4-wheel drive iPod totin’ yuppies? Watchoo know ’bout da ghetto? Whatchoo know ’bout da life in da hood?

  • steven Reply March 4, 2009

    Baz, nugu. There’s such a thing as homemade late.

  • Sara Reply March 4, 2009

    Hi there, if anyone is up for it (doomsday?), this is my email: saramortensen@hotmail.com and you shouldnt be experts, it is just to get some perceptions from the other side of the globe, now that that is what i am trying to teach these younsters that we should:0) Thank you so much :0)

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