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New Year Thoughts

I promised myself I wouldn’t milk the whole “Happy New Year” message for its worth, but yesterday I found myself telling someone I hadn’t seen him since last year. He thought it was funny. I hated myself for it. It is, in my opinion, in the same place with “Happy Christmas, Merry New Year”…the 70’s.

In these trying times, people still have the gall to deposit coins in the offertory basket. I would know. I’m one of them. How do we expect the priest to do the Lord’s work if we are dropping coins. 500shs won’t buy fuel for his car. What do you think he is driving? A lawn mower? I think some practical steps should be taken to put an end to this sort of behavior. We should have ATMs in the church.

I’ve been down with writer’s block. And you can tell it’s the real thing seeing as I couldn’t even bring myself to write that I had writer’s block. I didn’t know how I’d phrase it.

Isn’t local music the best thing ever? I mean you don’t even have to know what the artist is singing about to enjoy it…that said, when is Bobi Wine going to run out of juice. I’m not being a hater, but dude’s all over the place. Akon did that shit last year and to be honest I was waiting for him to pop up in one of Mesach Ssemakula’s songs, however he has cut down. Bobi is still going strong. It’s gotten to the point that I pray the song I’m listening to and loving is NOT by Mr. Wine. I hate myself for liking that song where he tells his woman he would do all sorts of cool things for her if he had the money. Sell one of your Escalade’s car tyres you jerk!

I’ve got a couple of posters on the walls in the room I type this stuff out from, and my sister figured she’d pitch in. The latest addition to the wall is a ‘Panic At The Disco’ poster. Yes, the thought does count for something, but the poster kills the whole testosterone thing that was going on. I don’t have naked women on the walls, but the collection includes;

  1. A murderous barber (Sweeney Todd)
  2. A pissed off spartan warrior (Kratos: God Of War)
  3. A dead rapper (Tupac)
  4. A basketball player (Shawn Kemp)

Then when you look at the right side of the room, we have a group of lads with eye shadow or eye liner or whatever makeup is used to create the impression that you just left a fight with an opponent whose main focus was dealing damage to your eye. Then again, I suppose it makes the room a little more habitable for members of the fairer sex.

What is it about graduations that gets people so excited. Sure there’s food and drinks en masse, but why should I be dying to wear the gown? Isn’t it like some ugly dress? When did it become cool for guys to wear dresses. And it comes with a sash thingy. And a cute little hat! Come on, you guys (yes, specifically the guys!) why is this super exciting?

I’ve been told it’s the ceremony that is exciting. Let’s think about that for a moment. there’s lots of insane traffic. You need to wake up early. You have to dress to the nines. You have to sit next to some random stranger for about four hours while some old fart goes on and on about how you have achieved the unachievable. How life can be difficult. How he too graduated at some point in his life… and then Mr. Sun graces the occasion knowing full well that your clothing is not conducive for his effort! Why is this supposed to be the best.day.ever?

I was browsing the web the other day and came across “vegetarian shoes”. Go to the skechers site, you’ll see. How did that happen? How did Vegetarians manage to get custom shoes? Did someone walk into a shoe shop one day and say, “I can’t wear that, do you know what they do to the animal so you can get that shoe? Do you care?”

A teacher somewhere is banging his head on the blackboard because he can’t argue with the kid at the back of the class who, when asked what shoes are made out of, answered, “cabbage”

Have a great week. . .




  1. Gwe, grads are great. The traffic and the speech are just a little of the day the rest is about celebrating end of schooling!!! Yippeee and then u wake up the next day and resume job hunting.

    Shoes made for vegeterians?!


  2. this is way to random

    but i also hate myself for feeling on some of bobi’s music.
    grad is officially the worst part of campus, why i need to wear that gown and then go sleep next to some random stranger while i sweat my guts out, i shall never know

  3. do have a brilliant week.

    i also do not quite understand the graduation thing. waited for mine to pass and told my parents about it one week later. that was not pretty.

  4. I wonder why i am surprised (in a nice way) to find out you actually go to church? ‘ATM at church’ would be the greatest disaster in Christendom or the best thing depending on which side you look at it from!

    Bobi Wine is cool, isn’t he? He is actually not really nice looking but has the best smile ever!

  5. Whoops! Er…Cheri dear…umm…see a few weeks back I lent his sister my simcard. We agreed that to get it back I had to use the passcode ‘hi’. You’re the only wheat in my porridge.

  6. Ivan b glad 4 yo grad 4 at least u r done with manya writing dissertations. How does one go about that? Now Erique, I swear we should hook up at Effendy’s this Sat. Cheri, no need for knives yet!! Erique is a rocker so I like him PLATONICALLY.

  7. You’re so spot on about this grad. My brain was baked and if that wasn’t enough, it decided to melt thereafter. Grad is just an unspoken reminder about how Masters (amongst many others) is forthcoming.

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