Ivan Musoke

Dear God

It’s been a while since we spoke.
Well, yeah, sure, you and I, we talk.
I mean spoke heart to heart,
me baring my all,
opening up my soul.
I don’t know why it’s taken me so long, and I…
I won’t make any excuses. I…
just want to say I know I’ve been a bit distant lately and I…
I’m sorry.

I’m also grateful…and thankful for the year you’ve given me, see
I’ve managed to grow, mentally, physically, emotionally, see
I’ve known happiness,
I’ve known sadness,
But I’ve known and accepted that things are as they are because
You have a plan for me…a plan for we…Yeah… I am grateful for she.

So here I am, saying thank You,
Laying my life before You,
Acknowledging that I can’t go it on my own,
Accepting that I am far from perfect,
Saying, I’m done driving, I’m in the back seat,
I’ll let you take the wheel,
Take me where you want me to go

Don’t know how else to say this,
Take me, Guide Me, I’m yours

And to all that have cast a glance at the words on this blog,
For those that have managed to decipher some sense out of the fog…which has been known to clog,
A post, A story, A tale…
Those, to whom I have played host,
A Happy New Year I wish thee,
Gratitude I express
For taking this ride with me.




  1. awwwwwwwww. Innocent! it brought me to tears this on did. now i am off to say a prayer of me own soon as i hit publish. Happy 2009, the yaer of barrack, kony, mugabe and if he is real lucky, Besigye

  2. I’m proud of and happy for you 🙂
    may your ‘what’s left of 2008’ right into 2009 be a journey filled with happiness, hope, faith, love, wealth and health.

  3. Indeed It has been another wonderful & fateful year.

    I donno what to say after maybe Bob Marley will help me with bits from his lyrics (No Woman, No Cry)Everything’s gonna be alright, Everything’s gonna be alright

    Happy New Year!!

  4. This is going to be the greatest year of 2000-2010 so you are right on approaching it contritely [some would say “lyrically”; which ever way, i like 🙂

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