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Previously in this story

From the bright light a sound emerges, kinda loud kinda booming, like those priests in your churches.

"Greetings earthlings. We mean you no harm. We come with news that will later be the inspiration for your descendants’ songs!"

"Bobo come quick. It’s one of them X-Files. It’s so clear. Hi-Def ain’t got nothing on this. Come quick I say, and while you’re at it, drop that sheep"


"We bring you news of a saviour that’s about to be born. We need to be sure, but if you leave now, you should get there after the drama! Peace homies! And what’s that guy doing with that sheep?"

"Artie. I don’t know about you, but this has got to be the most surreal thing ever! And I gotta tell you. I have seen quite a few surreal things in my life. Like the wig on that lady’s head. What are you doing? And what’s that do-hicky in your hands for?"

" I’m sending ze, how you say, text to my comrade Chuck Wiseman of ze Wiseman Brothers. Does it bother you?"

"Not as much as that pathetic excuse for a French accent. So are we doing this?"

"Tha’ sounds lyk a might fine plan, but how do we get therrr?"

" Look up there! There’s a bright glowin thingy in tha sky! Can it be, Dare I believe my one working eye!"

"Yes, Bobo, the power company slipped up and restored the electricity in that internet café. Come, we must make haste and use google maps!"

One sheep looks at another, "I don’t know about you, but something doesn’t quite feel right about that dude. And why do you suddenly have such sharp teeth?"

" Er, all the better to eat you with?"

" Nigger please!"

Not so far away.

"Hey, any of you hear that? I could have sworn one of them sheep just said nigger! That one right there. Next to the wolf in sheep’s clothing"

Uncomfortable silence.

"To the café!"

Chapter III


"I say my good man, did you just receive a short message off your gadget?"

"Indeed I did. I Chuck Wiseman the third, did receive a message of cellular origin on my mobile. I shall now proceed to read it out loud.

"Dear Cousin. We heading out 2 c the messiah! Holla!"

To Be Continued




  • Baz Reply December 3, 2008

    Where in the rules does it say I can’t score the stonks up in this piece! Cheri, whattup?

  • Miss Cheri Reply December 3, 2008

    Baz, here I am…taking seconds gracefully. I lose with dignity…like McCain.

    Me likey these chronicles of 4BC.

  • Miss Cheri Reply December 3, 2008

    Lol, Ivana and Baz…u need help. U have won 2 of my scribbler awards.

  • Erique Reply December 4, 2008


  • Apr9 Reply December 4, 2008

    “Nigger please”…….really? LOL

  • Emi's Reply December 4, 2008

    loll at the opener…I might need to first get rid of my headache before I can fully digest the whole storo.

    M/w I’ve given you an award, pick it up from here

  • Princess Reply December 4, 2008

    LOL! The puns. The revamped children’s stories.
    You and Baz receive two gold stars. 😀

  • Emi's Reply December 4, 2008

    Aha, Now i get it. Had not yet looked over at the bad side….

  • Emi's Reply December 4, 2008

    I meant at the baz side.

  • Lionel Reply December 4, 2008

    Baz & Ivan, a sure recipe for calamity.
    Quite a unique piece of art!

  • joel Reply December 4, 2008

    These are some of the reasons we need manuscripts…for historical credibility…now imagine my nephew coming across this…hehe, but I cannot wait to read some more, so please keep it coming.

  • the antipop Reply December 4, 2008

    i want what you guys are having! sheeps are gangstar… geddit? star?

  • the antipop Reply December 4, 2008

    oba what is wrong with me thes days? i am making jokes that nobody is laughing at. i swear it is frustrating. oba i stop?

  • Minty Reply December 4, 2008

    You guys are as if a bit sheepish. But I am enjoying this. I’m worried about the end though. Please don’t dash my hopes.

  • petesmama Reply December 4, 2008

    Antipop, you should be shot for that joke.

  • Victoria Reply December 4, 2008

    What WAS that shepherd doing with that sheep?! Was there P-O-R-N in 4BC?

  • Miss Cheri Reply December 4, 2008

    Antipop, “SHEEPS”? That part I didn’t get!

  • yz Reply December 5, 2008

    too funny!

  • scotchie Reply December 6, 2008

    hehe!!! y’all are such trips!!! mbu nigger please!

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