You can't handle the tooth…or, The Tooth Hurts

I know, I know. I’m overdoing this tooth thing. I’m sorry. With any luck this is the last time I out up a post on the subject. It better be, I’m running out of tooth related titles.

I got round to getting my Root Canal done today, only to find out that it is an ongoing process. Like these toothy posts, there’s more and more. It’s annoying to say the least. Right now I’m so hungry I could eat a TV Presenter, but I can’t chew stuff because of the pain. I’ve resorted to drinking a litre of Orange Juice because for the here and now that seems to be the only way I can convince my body I’m taking care of it. It goes without saying that my bladder will not want to have to deal with this so I’ll likely be going to the loo so often during Happy Hour.

The visit itself wasn’t too eventful. The sucker thingy was in there and I had something to bite down on, but the discomfort was horrible. The sound effects were most disturbing and I was advised to take some painkillers after the treatment. This was all well and good, save perhaps for the painkillers. I do not like swallowing drugs so this did not go well with me. 

Nonetheless, I went and bought some medicine and swallowed it aided only by my saliva. How’s that for macho?!

That done, I’ve been moving aroun, with one thing going through my mind;-

” you will need caps for these two. Crowns actually, and these other ones will need bleach”

Methinks to myself, “took the words right out of my mouth”




  • Miss Cheri Reply November 27, 2008

    🙂 In sweet, loving memory of all bloggers who can’t get to these (Emi, Emrys and Nevender), I claim these socks!!! :mrgreen:

    Urgh, Root canal? Damn. Bringing the silver lining here, did the dentist give u a lolipop for being a good patient? Not that lolipop.

  • The Emrys Reply November 27, 2008

    so you are on drugs and you can’t eat?? doesn’t sound too good to me 😀

  • Walkonby Reply November 27, 2008

    you’ll be better in no time, was nice seeing you at the BHH this evening, tone down on the meds before you pick an addiction to them painkillers 🙂

  • Emi's Reply November 28, 2008

    Bambi, nga olabye.. you’ll live through it.

  • Nevender Reply November 28, 2008

    Don’t worry man, the tooth shall set you free!!!

  • Apr9 Reply November 28, 2008

    At least u managed to attend the BHH so it shouldn’t be that bad am assuming……..

  • Mudamuli Reply November 28, 2008

    You’ll be fine in no time. Thought I was the only one who hates swallowing tablets. Me I put the tablet in ice-cream, take one spoon and it works.

  • jny23ug Reply November 28, 2008

    I was starting to believe yu wea
    really in pain till last evening
    at BHH when yu refused me to have
    yo share of the chocolate.

  • Baz Reply November 28, 2008

    I just want to say I respect Ivan highly and only make fun of his pain because it is amusing to me. Plus, it’s his fault he has bogus teeth.

  • Carlo Reply November 28, 2008

    You know, I just figured out a category for you in the next UBOBs. Pun king/queen. I swear all of blogger would vote for you.

  • eddsla Reply November 29, 2008

    U managed to attend BHH n ate chockie alone?,waaa ivan yo kawa.

  • 31337 [E] Reply December 15, 2008

    are they quite done rebuilding your teeth now my friend?

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