Another IT Joint : ELECTION edition

IT is back again, but I never left. Okay. IT done gone and hit da street, but that don’t mean that IT take S**T from no one. IT ain’t gone go mainstream, IT is still unda-groun. IT just come out to hit y’all wid brand new leak single from Obama and McCain camp.
Everybody, wants a piece of da IT. Even Michael Jackson has nugu for me and has said Beat IT…not too long ago, him prophetic brothers done ax ya, ” Can you feel IT”. Shit, no more delay, Selekta, Hit IT.
*ouch!* hehe, selekta not really hitting IT. IT is making joke. IT don’t use selekta. IT use NIVEA

So β€˜ear dis, watch as IT take you by surprise and open your eyes, dis be da part where it get da song and him slice and dice…

NUMB/ENCORE : IT REMIX ft. Barry Obama & The Mac Kane

Barry: Thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind

Now can I get an encore, do you want more
Cookin raw with the Kenyan boy
So for one last time I need y’all to roar

Now what the hell are you waitin for
After me, there shall be no more
So for one last time, niggaz make some noise

The Mac (resigned): Get em Barry

Who you know fresher than Ob’? Riddle me that
The rest of y’all know where I’m politically at
Can’t none of y’all mirror me back
Yeah hearin me rap is like hearin Bill (Clinton). Rap in his prime
I’m, young H.O (Hussein Obama)., Stato’s Grateful Head
Back to take over the globe, now break bread
I’m in, Boeing jets, Global Express
Out the country but the blackberry still connect
On the low but the yacht got a triple deck
But when you Barrack, what do you expect? Yep, yep
Grand openin, grand closin
God your man Barry’ cracked the can open again
Who you gon’ find doper than him with no pen
just draw off inspiration
Soon you gon’ see you can’t replace him
with cheap imitations for DESE GENERATIONS

Now can I get an encore, do you want more
Cookin raw with the Kenyan boy
So for one last time I need y’all to roar

Now what the hell are you waitin for
After me, there shall be no more
So for one last time, niggas make some noise

What the hell are you waiting for

[sighs] Look what you made me do, look what I made for you
Knew if I paid my dues, how will they pay you (IT: uh-huh!)
When you first come in the game, they try to play you (IT: True Dat)
Then you drop a couple of hits, look how they wave to you
From Kisumu to Constitutional Square
To the only thing that matters in just a matter of years (yea)
As fate would have it, Barry’s status appears
to be at an all-time high, perfect time to say goodbye
When I come back like M7, wearin the presidential hat
It ain’t to play games witchu
It’s to aim at you, probably maim you (IT: he kiddin’ he harmless like puss cat)
If I owe you I’m blowin you to smithereens (IT: 4 realz, he be kidding around)
Republican take one for your team
And I need you to remember one thing (IT: one thing)
I came, I saw, I conquered
From speech sales, to sold out clothing
So Republican if you want this encore
I need you to scream, ’til your lungs get sore

The Mac:
I’m tired of being what you want me to be
Feeling so faithless lost under the surface
Don’t know what you’re expecting of me
Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes
Every step that I take is another mistake to you
And every second I waste is more than I can take

I’ve become so numb I can’t feel you there
I’ve become so tired so much more aware
I’m becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you

I’ve become so numb
Can I get an encore, (IT: er, no, you have your chance)
do you want more (IT: NO!…)
I’ve become so numb
So for one last time I need y’all to roar (IT: Go! As in away!)
One last time I need y’all to roar (IT: GOOOOOO!)





  • eddsla Reply November 5, 2008

    Hehehe….yo sick!

  • Princess Reply November 6, 2008

    Hehe! Creative overdrive, I see! πŸ˜€

  • antipop2 Reply November 6, 2008

    0772571801…number of a good psycho-analyst i know. he should be able to evaluate you and prove to the masses once and for all that Homer and Paris Hilton really do have offspring

  • Mudamuli Reply November 6, 2008

    @ The Mac: So how should we roar?

  • Mr. B2B Reply November 6, 2008


  • Carlo Reply November 6, 2008


  • Emi's Reply November 6, 2008

    What should I say?…. πŸ’‘
    Yo 😯 s in a good way. funny too

  • phoebe Reply November 6, 2008

    The world does become fun:!:ner, When IT takes the M.I.C

  • Miss Cheri Reply November 6, 2008

    For realz…there is a bit of Homer in there. And a wee bit of Stewie Griffin also. 😯

    Kale I read the beginning bit with an *accent* like Borat’s…

    IT should make alBUMS for ‘is fans. 😎

  • 31337 Reply November 7, 2008

    moar plsktxbai

  • Erique Reply November 8, 2008

    :mrgreen: ha ha ha ha ha u know wat’s funny ❓ the bu-fullstops and commas in the post. they r just funny ❗ πŸ˜†

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