Remember That BHH From Last Week? or "BHH IMPROMPTUS"

I’d typed out a detailed break down of how stuff went down, but it’s on my home PC and it won’t play nice. So, how about I throw some pix together and we’ll all pretend its all good in tha hood?… Actually, why don’t you add your own captions to the mix…

I’ve managed to get some of the stuff I’d written down:


Seeing as The Antipop won’t run it and Darlyne did her bit by putting up the announcement last week that some people failed to see. I will take it upon myself to tell you what went down…and if I feel like it, I will share some pix, without the headline BOOBS!


I’m at my brother’s office hanging around, wondering where all the people walking around came from. The realization that I can tell who is usually there and who isn’t makes me realize I may be spending a little too much time in people’s offices. I show myself out and proceed to jump on a boda boda. Telling him to take me to Mateos. His friend also wants a piece of the action and seizes the moment to point out ever so eloquently that he too has a boda boda. Alas, my friend, it appears that I have just one ass and its already fixed on this here seat. Maybe next time, yes?

We move in the wrong direction, but I don’t bother with explaining to the boda guy that this is not it. He knows his job better than I, after all, and perhaps he has chanced upon a shortcut. Either that or he wants me to appreciate the Serena and Karim’s new hotel with a name my brain has stubbornly refused to process.

Boda guy realizes that he is going the wrong way and attempts to reprimand me for not giving him directions. I tell him I thought it best to keep my mouth shut lest I messed up his concentration. He then proceeds to tell me why he was going wherever it was we were heading. Its not a story worthy of a Pulitzer, so I’ll spare you.

I alight from the boda boda a little distance away from Mateos because my phone is hungry and wants me to punch in a couple of digits that will give it some talk time.

Upon getting to Nandos, I look around and there is not a blogger in sight. Joshi later tells me that he was inside all along and that he had to pay for his drink twice.

I figure this is an opportunity as good as any to call Darlyne and gloat about being the first blogger at the Impromptu BHH (IBHH if you will).

Her Phone is off and I am pissed. I will not be denied my gloat! So I call up Carlo instead, who tells me that they are over at Café Pap. What a waste of gloat, I think to myself as I head on over to the Pap.

I kick myself for getting there late, because they have finished their food, but make up for it by analyzing a little gadget that the waitress calls a “microwave”. “Maalo” ensues for a bit as we try to figure how stuff works. She (the waitress) comes back, apologises profusely for lying to us. She comes clean and lets us know that this is infact, a micros or some such thing. The Maalo just won’t go away. Carlo steps in and tells us how it works and we get into the briefest of debates over why there are so many in one place as small as this.

Debate ends and we move back to Mateos, where we try to figure out where we shall sit, ignoring a table in the corner that is seemingly deprived of attention. We finally see it and it is only too happy to receive us.

I whip out my phone and proceed to take pix for no apparent reason, in effect condemning myself to writing this post, for is it not said, “whomsoever shall take pix, shall do recap of BHH”?

Spartacus walks over around the same time with Joshi. Joshi meets Carlo for the first time and pays her a compliment. I meet Darlyne for the ehnth time and pay her a compliment. Spartacus meets the world and is psyched. Someone later remarks that the dude must have landed in vat full of Red Bull.

Joshi then challenges me to go through the evening without uttering the word “thingy”. I take him on, albeit with some cusses being muttered under my breath. He then gets greedy and asks me to go through the evening without cussing. I turn this one down.

Shortly afterwards, Pesh turns up and we proceed to do some checking out…of her phones. One is really really light and the other one, she doesn’t like. She’ll live.

Antipop came next and declared that she had Carlo’s hairdo in the morning. I had breakfast. She sports a tee shirt that does geeks proud and in the middle of this hair discussion, Solomon turns up, sporting a tie and generally making everyone around feel a tad underdressed.


Can’t remember what happened next, but to appease you, follow the link and click pix for larger versions…(there’s BOOBS there!)




  • Mister E. Bazanye Reply October 22, 2008

    And I’ll say first,
    y’all say Next.

  • Darlkom Reply October 22, 2008

    But Bolt wasn’t there!

  • chanel Reply October 22, 2008

    Nga I didnt see no Eddsla there?

  • 31337 [E] Reply October 22, 2008

    beautiful people.

  • Princess Reply October 22, 2008

    Oh, wow!
    That’s who walkonby is? small world!!

  • Solomon King Reply October 22, 2008

    why does trifecta sound like selekta?

  • Ivan Reply October 22, 2008

    Baz: We shall not say that dirty word you want us to! 😯
    Darlkom: He didn’t make it…kinda like Rev didn’t… or Detamble 😆
    Chanel: He was there for all of two minutes, hence the fingers he is flashing 😛
    31337: They are okay, I guess… 😀
    Princess: I thought so too
    Solomon: It’s 1:40am. words are bound to sound funny… what are you doing up?

  • Mr. B2B Reply October 23, 2008

    I liked thsi Ai
    and yeah, the plot of me turning up late was even better…

    hoping peeps make it there for the next one which i think the DeTamble-Revness combo will turn up for…

    I see Dee for the ENTH time and pay her a compliment
    you can see it coming

  • Carlo Reply October 23, 2008

    You have emoticons for us to pick from ❓ Wow ❗ That’s ingenious 💡 Your blog is cool 😎

    Why are the bu pictures small? And yes 3, bloggers are beautiful. Check out Dante. Joshi too. He tries. 😀 The boobs banange! 😳

    I refuse to leave without using this one 🙄

  • Mudamuli Reply October 23, 2008

    I’m glad I’ve finally seen what Joshi looks like.

  • kakaire Reply October 23, 2008

    I have hahad other people’s people on display.

  • the antipop Reply October 24, 2008

    😐 :mrgreen: ➡ 🙂 😕 😎 😀 💡 😳 😛 🙄 😉 😥 😮 😆 🙁 ❗ ❓ 👿

  • petesmama Reply October 24, 2008

    Next. As in, I’m waiting for the review of the next proper BHH.

  • Miss Cheri Reply October 25, 2008

    I love that sweater Heaven. Please photocopy it for me.

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