Guest Starring: Antipop

Ivan – We are so glad you could take some time out of your busy schedule. Thank you for joining us.

Antipop – Sod off!





  • kakaire Reply October 12, 2008

    This doesn’t count for blogging. So in my book, you haven’t said anything. Get back and say something.

    And yeah, ya’ll eat my dooooooooooost(Dust)

  • Princess Reply October 13, 2008

    Ivan, the inside joke on this one is oba TOO inside!!
    Write a proper post!!!

  • Mr. B2B Reply October 13, 2008

    @AntiPop (when you get here finally)

    Hint Hint
    aka wink** wink**

    aka chuckles

  • The Emrys Reply October 13, 2008


  • Ivan Reply October 13, 2008

    Sorry. Is can be placeholder?

  • Antipop Reply October 13, 2008

    Next time you host me, you wanna maybe ask first innocent? I feel violated, used, cheated, robbed, raped, honored…

  • Mr E. Bazanye Reply October 13, 2008

    you will be back after the break, right?

  • petesmama Reply October 13, 2008

    Placeholder for short, short time only.

  • Chanel Reply October 13, 2008

    You see this is what I have been thinking. Some people will say nothing and they will still get comments on practically nothing. Like here. Others will write the best joke and get two readers if any. These fingers are not the same length? Yeah.

  • Solomon King Reply October 13, 2008

    LOL, antipop, be koo.

    Now, the tales, if you please.

  • Iwaya Reply October 13, 2008


  • DeTamble Reply October 13, 2008

    I saw your boobies!!!

  • Carlo Reply October 13, 2008

    What’s B2B winking about? I have beef for you Ivan by the way you know that? Also, DeTamble, I’m going to make my own party for you. With lots, and lots of free drinks. And it’ll be a topless party too. Ha! In your face Ivan and Chanel.

  • Disco Deb Reply October 13, 2008

    Ha ha! Detamble saw ivan’s boobies! Ha ha. Man boobs. Ha ha. Buy a bra. Ha ha. Sagging hooters. Ha ha. Ha ha

  • Chanel Reply October 13, 2008

    Carlo I dare you on that topless party.

  • eddsla Reply October 13, 2008

    @ Carlo, where? can i come? pleeease.

  • Mr. B2B Reply October 14, 2008

    don’t tell Mrs, but i am co-signing with you at the entrance to Carlo’s party…
    And dawg, you know we shouldn’t doubt her, coz she did set us up with the Boobies post…
    and Eddslah, you know that there will most definitely be some pole-dancing

    i am already getting directions dawg… so don’t worry, i gotcha back
    1. free drinks
    2. pole dancing
    3. topless-ness
    4. pole dancing topless-ness

    can it get any better….

  • 31337 Reply October 14, 2008

    this is authentic interview. tried the same thing. got the very same results.

    i like the wood. no pun intended.

  • DeTamble Reply October 14, 2008

    Actually i also saw Antipop’s titties! When’s this party??

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