The Chameleone Chronicles – Part I

Daniella: Do your thing, wama. Go gerrem Tiger!
Chameleone: What? How dare you? How can you call me Tiger?! Are you comparing me to Mad Tiger?
Daniella: No, Sweerie, I…
Chameleone: Shut up, Mambo Bado! I am Reptile, him animal. Even worse, Animal with stripes. Me I am nice like butterfly, Kipepeo!
Daniella: I’m sorry. I meant all the best. Good Luck. Like in that movie by Spiderman
Chameleone: Mbu what, you think I don’t understand those of movies? Where do you think I be? You are like those other people, the ones who say I leave in the lake!
Daniella: Sweerat! I meant no ill will. I meant to say Break A Leg!
Chameleone: I don’t do things in halves. I Break 2!!!




  • Carlo Reply October 7, 2008

    Togwamu! You had to drag it out. Poor man.


  • Mr. B2B Reply October 7, 2008

    You have skillz Ai..
    Mad skillz..

  • the antipop Reply October 7, 2008

    i smell IT all over this post. he be’s jerousy of chameleone and mama boy

  • 31337 Reply October 7, 2008


  • Solomon King Reply October 7, 2008

    LMAO! I hear Mambo bado. I can so hear him saying that.

  • tuwmijuke Reply October 7, 2008

    What? No comment about the blue ‘ndi munaku’ busuuti and the haha about the cause of the accident?

  • jasmine Reply October 7, 2008

    this is funny!

    that busuuti was killer.
    i’m still wondering how one falls from the 3rd floor and breaks only his ankles…did he land on his feet? even then other places would be broken…so, how did the poor butterfly break only his ankles?

  • Sleek Reply October 7, 2008

    eh, you roko artists have beef for riyo riyo…you have just crossed the line..being the ardent reader that chameleone is, he’ll read this and hunt you down, big time…and you know what he did to Bebe Cool…(eerie silence…)…

  • Ivan Reply October 7, 2008

    @ Sleek: Oh shit! He’ll sing me a song, won’t he? Woe is me!!
    @ Jasmine; Maybe he is a special breed of butterfly. And I also didn’t quite understand it. Who the heck goes to the hospital in a Busuti?
    @Tumwijuke: I was going to, but that’s a bit much, even for me. Family may be reading and may call me out for it.
    @Solomon: So can I… on CBS, right now 😀
    @31337: oh cummon!
    @The Antipop: I have it on good authority that IT is back in the lab, recording a song that will see him achieve “multi-aluminum” status.
    @B2B: Wait till you see my fall-out-of-a-hotel-window-land-on-my-feet skills
    @ Carlo: How can you talk about SOCKS at a time like this. Have some sympathy for the guy.

  • Princess Reply October 8, 2008

    Err, what’s the story that everyone but me knows?
    I’m missing a vital part of the joke here!

  • Sleek Reply October 10, 2008

    Love the new look…I should hire you…

  • eddsla Reply October 12, 2008

    Bambi jose.
    he needs to read this…and you know he’s afighter.

  • Solomon King Reply October 12, 2008

    Rockin new theme dude.

  • esquire inc. Reply October 12, 2008

    hilarious…read the article and guess was cracked up(no pun intended) by the whole incident…it was indeed a tall tale..

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