Ivan Musoke

Back for the first time…again

The newspapers seem to be choke-full of material to play around with. And to appreciate some of this stuff, you need to look deep within and find your sense  of humour…or that inner sadist.

Take for instance this story: Chameleone Falls From Arusha Hotel

If, like me, you are not too crazy about clicking random links, then I’ll break down the story for you. In a nutshell; Chameleone was in Tanzania recently for some performances. He went to sleep in his room on the 3rd floor of the Impala Hotel and when he woke up he was on the ground floor. Turns out he broke both his legs.

As an aspiring local artiste the message is clear. When people bestow upon you the occasional words of encouragement and tell you to “Break A Leg”, you MUST NOT take these things literally.

What was going through Chameleone’s mind, one wonders.

“Ati Break a leg. I’m Chameleone. I’m star performer. I break TWO!”

To all that wished me a happy birthday, thank you. Here’s to the brand new AGE OF INNOCENCE




  1. I hear sleep walking. Next time he tries to hit on someone’s wife he better pick a different country. These dudes and publicity. And that New Vision Reporter should be fired or shot for being so gullible and cheap

  2. did the reporter have to tell us how much he chartered the plane for banange. me thinks he was just beaten up. how come he has no bruises or anything of that sort except for them 2 legs

  3. @ Mama Pete: Also, no stability…on his part 😉
    @Chanel: But you have to hand it to him, he left no detail out
    @Solomon: the operative word being LAME , right?
    @The Emrys: I think he figured he was doing us a favour
    @Igis: Thanks. Truth be told, it coulda been worse, the Red Pepper might have gone the Nibiru route
    @B2B: hehe, you said TRIP

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