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BBA 3: The Second Eviction: Farewell Desert Walker

TK pulls a move that I dare say was pretty smart. Saying that he replaced himself with the lady he figured stood the lowest chances of being evicted if she was nominated. Oh shit! He replaced himself with Hillary Clinton! Wait, why is Lucille looking really down? The sleeping pill was TK’s replacement?

Oh yeah, there was a jam by I-Jay type ladies at the beginning of the show. This just in, they are called Irene and Jane. I-Jay? Oh this is going to be shortlived.

AD Break. There is a tree in Africa that has the ability to produce all kinds of fruit, including Watermelons. This tree is called Eobank. Hehe, bank with us if you’re feeling fruity.

I love the support the Tanzanians gave their hotcake. She describes her relationships with Morris and Ricco as “No romance”. Well, with her out of the house with no money, looks like she came back carrying No romance with no finance.

The Namibians have Lucille’s back…and if they keep this up, they will have her back…home. I must say, she looks pretty.

Ricco has lost his hair, Tawana has grown hers. Morris has… oh, look, DSTV says I should press OK.

The Nigerians want Uti back in the house. For ****’s sake, why must everyone channel their inner cheerleader?

Lucille looks depressed as she says goodbye. Shut up Biggie! This is a depressing moment. Oh, that’s cute, she has a top that has Munya’s name on it. Of course, its at the eleventh hour that Munya gets to be on her body.

Oh yeah, as-if- I-Jay are from Ghana. Its like Brick and Lace without the IT-Factor.

The results are in. I’m nervous. My stomach is churning. Silly beans!

Lucille is OUT! Well, not before Ricco tries to unclasp her bra…or hug her. I can’t tell with the sound of glass being shattered. That’s the sound of heartbreak. Uti’s. It also sounds like the F word.

Post eviction interview. Lucille is not feeling too bad. This is the most interesting she has been thus far. Ricco is a harbinger of doom. Anything he touches goes home. Dude must be careful about touching himself.

Ricco turns on the waterworks whilst Uti kicks shit around and Lucille hits on Kabelo. She has a look that suggests she wants her some him…

Holy! One nomination and she was out…shouting. Kabelo asks her what makes her come out of her shell. Is “shell” code for “clothes”?

Crap, she’s crying. So is Sheila. And she is Topless. What happens when Sheila cries someone a river?

Lucille says she and Ricco are just friends. But he counted your friggin’ freckles!

Mimi is also crying. Wait. I think it was her that was crying her eyes out with no top. Heh, Bareback Fountain.

AD Break.

It’s a great year for Lollipops, what with all the publicity and shit.

Dang man, everyone’s really miserable. Oh TK, you are so out of there. (confirmed, Sheila is not the bareback wailer, she has gone to get herself some shisha)

Lucille maintains that she is naturally a very shy person…this after telling the viewers she had forgotten to shave.

11 countries voted Lucille out. Damn You Africa!!

Tawana is scheming with Hazel. Hazel is wearing white pants and I’m out!




  1. Brilliant piece, TK just confirmed receipt of his post dated cheque to HELL.

    Thing is, if he keeps winning Head Of House titles, the trip will not come as fast as it should – Ivan

  2. I love this blog for providing us with the “opportunity” to edit our comments. If u knew what I’d written before, I’d be facing a firing squad right about now.

    I know what you wrote and you’d be facing more – Ivan

  3. Lol…Brick and Lace without the IT factor. U boy/man/male.

    Another lol about Midas Ricco touching himself. Ivan!

    This house must be boring, do they have an axis of evil…or the untouchables like Lerato and etc?

    curiously, I sorta like these housemates better…I miss Bertha, but still – Ivan

  4. I watched this at my cousin’s place this evening. I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

    Yeah, I’ve never watched more than 30 minutes of BBA (as in total viewing time, since the first one).

    I do have a purpose in commenting?


    but it is purpose that drives us

  5. gwe, your editing thing is flawed. i pressed enter in haste and tried to get back comment to edit but the thing only gave me a few seconds. May i also add that i first went to do a pee pee.

    so here is how the comment should read;

    finally a guy that can unclasp bras without the need for pliers, hammer, keys, and screw driver.

  6. Waa..u don’t know what I’d said before Ivan. I edited.

    Lol Detamble, Ivan is actually paid to watch Big Brother. I know…lucky sod.

    Antipop, I have one up on u. I know a guy who can magically unclasp a bra. He just looks hard at it.

  7. @ cheri, you realise ‘friends’ was just a tv show dreamed up by some super creative nit in hollywood, and therefor can not be quoted as an authority on “incidents where people stared at bras and they went kaboom”

  8. how can you be flippant at a time like this?

    wait, i can see clearly now lucille is gone…

    @ antipop. i can unclasp bras, with the help of C4, the mess that that leaves though…

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