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Big Brother Africa…part the THIRD

12 Housemates, one house…loads of money at stake and the very real possibility that There Will Be Blood Sex. There’s a contestant that’s 40yrs old, clearly the mother figure (if you choose to believe there are some mothers that cuss like a problem) and then a bunch of youngsters that are suggesting that this is No country House For Old Women.

First night and someone has puked already from all the drinking. It is not a dark knight seeing as no one was felt up or jumped into bed with another housemate…wait, someone did.

Anyway, a slightly detailed recap/ introduction to the housemates can be found here
or if you are so inclined, just click the BBAIII tab up there

…and yes, I meant to say let the “game” begin and not “games”. The Olympics are over.




  1. Firstly, I luuuurve your new look. You’re all silky and ish. And also, I’ve loled at the article. Now to get my 45k you owe me for Dstv. Hurry up! Do people banja donations cuz I just did. Ha!

  2. @Me: Damn! You’re good!
    @Antipop: This is not quite the democracy.
    @Carlo: You said Fat-Bombola somewhere, that 45k better be spent on a dictionary.
    @Mr. B2B: My employer better read that bit!
    @Cheri: If you upgrade your blog, then you can get templates. As long as you are still doing the dot wordpress thing it will be tyt!
    @Chanel: I thought we had an agreement! I am not a snake!

  3. Don’t have DSTV so I relied on UBC. Stayed up all night to catch a glimpse of Sheila but her back was on the camera all the time. I already like Uti. He kind of reminds me of Will Smith. Then Munya and his ‘you know what I mean’ and oba British accent made me think of Mugabe.

  4. Hi there, Got your link from 31337’s favorites. I see you follow Big Bro? same here. I have a few posts and waiting for the game to heat up so I can blog about it properly.

    Nice blog you have.

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