Comin Up
You know when, you know where. Come on over and let’s do this!

Oh yeah, people in attendance are usually more colorful than this thing.





  • Tandra Reply June 24, 2008

    i haaaaaaaaaad to!

  • Mr. Back2Basics... Reply June 24, 2008

    Nice one Ai…
    and Tandra…. Banange!

  • Miss Cheri Reply June 24, 2008

    I’ll be the fly on the wall…

    Is there a wall?

  • Ivan Reply June 24, 2008

    @ Tandra: Yeah, clearly you had too. . .

    @B2B: I’m going to start posting a comment right after hitting publish, this is getting out of hand

    @Miss Cheri: Walls at Mateos? Never to be

  • petesmama Reply June 25, 2008

    I can haz coke too?

  • Kissyfur Reply June 25, 2008

    Ivan u moron!

  • Carlo Reply June 26, 2008

    I’ll be late. With a camera? Hmmmmmm . . .

  • Miss Cheri Reply June 27, 2008

    Ok, I’m here, waiting for the update from the BHH. With some pics.

    People, does anyone know how Rev is doing?

  • DeTamble Reply June 27, 2008

    Yeah! Where’s the update! C’mon you lazy bunch of beer snatchers!

    @Cheri: He’s fine. Why don’t you call him if you’re worried?

  • chanelno5 Reply June 28, 2008

    Update will you. I need some mojo

  • Ivan Reply June 29, 2008

    @Chanel: Soon

    @DeTamble: There are about three BHH posts across the web. . .I didn’t snatch any beer. . .honestly.

    @Cheri: There are about three…. Rev is alright

    @Carlo: Found you there, what does that say about me being late?

    @Kissyfur: Now now, I will not entertain terms of endearment being thrown about on my blog like that.

    @Petesmama: Yes

  • Alesi Reply June 30, 2008

    Did you gab Mr. Back2Basics’ template or what?

    I thought your resolution for this year was not to steal!!! Sticky fingaz!! And you have left Mr. B2B really stark basic!

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