Ivan Musoke


  1. Futuristic or what!

    Is that thing in the background, what earth looks like from some point of view of which i am not sure? And there are weeds in space!! Mega, Giant weeds!

    The letters could also form a planet of their own called….!!! I need to check in the Guide to the Galaxy. Will be back!

  2. Some of us depend on your writing for pick me ups so NO it can’t just be as if mbu you stepped out ko.
    And we wont be tolerating this “Goodnight… I’m out for a while” hooey! Atleast I wont.

  3. Ditto 🙂

    U just can’t step out “on us” like this. A mother hen never leaves her chicks until she’s quite sure they are “READY”. And u know I’m not ready Ivan.

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