Of drunken watchmen

Mine is the tale of a drunken watchman, you see,

One that comes to work whenever he’s free,

Reeking of booze,

Drunk as heck,

Drunk as can be,

Drunk as a skunk,

‘Tis the story of he,

He knocks on my window,

Seeking an audience,

Seeking a shoulder,

Seeking some dialogue,

Some dialogue with me.

Time check is three,

No, hang on, it’s four,

When all of a sudden a knock, oh-oh, Oh no!

Followed by another, like “ko-ko-ko”,

He’s got the energy for several more.

“What?” I shout out, not really giving a damn,

“They hit me! Then killed me!” replies the bum.

I really don’t give a shit,

You have to understand,

This is not quite,

My definition of a “plan”,

He prattles on and on,

I decide then and there,

I decide to buy me a gun.

Then he stops with a moan,

A moan and a groan….

I hope, I pray that the ingrate is gone,

Nope! A false alarm, oh ****, oh man!

The bastard continues,

Goes on like it’s fun.

Not able to take it, I cut him short,

Does his tale right here have a “point” or not,

He stops for a while,

I venture a smile,

This is it,

The end,

It came sooner than I thought,

Then he lets out a shriek,

The idiot, the prick

Places his ear, on the face of his watch,

I ask what’s wrong,

He says it’s all in the tick,

I wouldn’t understand,

I’m too slow to click,

He laughs, he giggles,

Tee hee, hee hee,

(I think, I know, this idiot is THICK!)

Listens again and shakes his head,

He looks at me!

His eyes both red,

“This one here…” He starts to say,

“This one here, is a drunken watch, man!”





  • magintu Reply April 14, 2008

    The rhythm of the ryhme has intoxicated me.


  • Mr. Back2Basics... Reply April 14, 2008

    Impressive one Ai!
    i can see What The Funk has taken a good toll!

  • 31337 Reply April 14, 2008

    a man of many talents, no, perhaps its just that you can yarn?

  • Cheri Reply April 14, 2008

    Drunken watch, man!

    Oxygen again???

  • Princess Reply April 14, 2008

    This has propelled me from the obscurity of quiet reader; I must comment!
    This is poetry with a choke-hold on reality, not the usual claim on fantasy or the individual’s tempered view of beauty…

    I like, I like!
    Especially this line issued forth from the drunken watchman:
    “This one here, is a drunken watch, man!”


  • Lesi Reply May 26, 2008

    A drunken watch, man or a drunken watchman!

    One may also argue that such poetry may be inpired by the very state the watchman is accused of being in or is that possible?

    You do it yet again, Ivan

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