Ivan Musoke

What's in a name anyway?

My English Language teachers would be really upset if I went with the intro I’d planned for this. You know how it is, “a sentence does not begin with words like ‘so’”.

I don’t know. English has greatly evolved since those days in class with a certain teacher that, well, boring is just rude, said teacher could put a cup of coffee to sleep. This in a school heralded as one of the best. How I ended up there is beyond me. It’s not like I go around carrying loads of smarts. I carry just enough to get me by. {Shoot! This mango juice has given me a nasty heartburn. I can’t just sue these guys can I?}

Moving right along, I’m cool with fielding questions, provided I am not expected to be serious when I supply answers. The problem is, this has not won me legions of fans, but rather a number of detractors and some idiots I will bump into when I’m hanging out and because they are high they’ll suddenly think our friendship is the stuff of legend. I usually smile back and grab a bottle {I seem to have picked up this snobbish attitude towards beers in brown bottles, but I’ve been told Club tastes like fish saliva}

Anyway, the thing is, and I’m sure you’re one to understand things such as this, it was getting incredibly hard to explain what exactly “nadayada” meant. See, with my surname it’s quite easy to make stuff up. If anyone asks, I’ll go on a roll…

“Musoke? Oh right, it means he who was sent by the chief’s wife to the well to fetch the magical talisman of yore, but when he got there he met an enchanted eel that granted him three wishes and because he was selfless, asked for rain for the village crops and figured that was enough for him, but when he got back he found that there had been a flood and the cows had died so he went to a hill and got more. . .and that’s just the first part of the name”

This is way cooler than the whole “God of Rain” spiel… what am I? A character in Heroes? Shit, I can’t even pick chics up with that, “Hey baby, I make it rain…”

{bloody hell, this heartburn is for world cup…or Egypt, note to self, if I land the MC gig in March, Egypt is another thing I should not mention, even in passing, put that on the list next to Pork and Bin Laden’s Virgins}

The Ivan bit is quite cool, when you get past the fact that it is derived from at least half a dozen names such as John, Jack, Jackie, Kratos, Larry King and so on and so forth. It means “Gracious gift of God”. I’ve been told it’s wrong to try and hit on chics in church, so I won’t even try… yeah, but it’s perfectly alright to rob God’s people, Promise them other people’s cars and when they shake on it, electrocute them…

So anyway, I find myself at a loss for words when I’m spamming people and telling them to go to my blog and they ask me what NADAYADA means. I think I get shy a bit. . . A guy with a finger growing out of his ****some text missing***** would have better luck explaining himself. Me? Well, it’s like this…

“Nada is like, you know, nothing, right, and Yada is like, erm… okay wait, I’ve got it Nadayada is like yoghurt, no nectar of the gods, you know what, leave me alone, my tooth hurts!”

Something tells me no one takes me seriously after that. Also, it is incredibly hard to keep a straightface when a suit asks me for my blog name and I go all,

“its www.nadayada.wordpress.com.”

Usually, the person has walked away from me and I’ve cost him minutes of his life he can never hope to get back.

So the solution, a domain name that is easier to throw around, to place on business cards…presenting; edgeofinnocence.com





  1. Yaar. Yvannic writing get I and I up and runnin’.

    You rock. But some questions: you registered EdgeOfInnocence? Totally über cool. And you hooked it into WP, which is like the rocker of the two options. Absolutely cooler. And after using my (some would say geek) moves, I see it is a 25th Feb do! Wow, so quick, ey? Totally coolest. 🙂

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