because everyone has pix up. . .

So I couldn’t sleep, right, and then my teeth were killing me, right, so I started thinking about life and stuff, specifically, where I am in life, you know, how long will i be this way, what will it be like when i get older, how come i have ignored punctuation in this post, when will it end…blah blah blah.

Anyway, because I had time on my hands. . .Years Later

I have a sneaking suspicion this is not how it will turn out in the end, but what the hell. . .





  • esquire of the mountain Reply February 25, 2008

    my goodness…Wole is that you??

  • The 27th Comrade Reply February 25, 2008

    You will. Bwahahahahaha.

  • Mr. B2B Reply February 25, 2008

    Seriously Aivan..
    Creativity Yeah…
    The rest well..

  • Minty Reply February 25, 2008

    Waaah,Waah! Me no see no picture on my PC. let me wait for 2009, maybe it will have uploaded by then.

  • Cheri Reply February 25, 2008

    Kale I just burst out laughing on facebook!!! Ivan u made me day. And by the way…u’re really hurting yo chances with the ladies. No one wants a billy goat gruff in about 50 yrs!!!

  • Ivan Reply February 25, 2008

    @Esquire: Shhh, Wole will hear you and come claim royalty fees!
    @Comrade: Don’t jinx me
    @Mr. B2B: I was dying to see what I’d look like in a few (read 70) years time
    @Minty: Think positive, I can give you ko-on mine
    @Cheri: When the time comes, you will not laugh, I assure you. . .

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