Savannah… that place on your way to Muyenga… or from it. . .

Heineken brought to the table. Can is opened. . . a sip taken.

Water is ordered. Medicine swallowed. . . back to Heineken. . .

Change of venue suggested. Pangs of hunger manifest.

Pizza recommended…



She who shall not be mentioned is at pizza place. Still elicits a stare.

Pizza received… eaten in car. Phone call made. Seem to have missed cinema proggie.

Garden city seems like a plan.

Bump into a pal. She says Rouge. Nasty observation is made.

One Tusker later, Garden city is NOT a plan. Relocate. . .

Bubbles is new destination


Two shots of tequila. . .Beer afterwards. Phone call made

Can get into Rouge without paying. Heh.

Enter Rouge. Meet close family friend

. . .and more Tusker

Meet pal again. Hug. Bliss!

1am . . . or thereabouts


Night is going on without incident. . .

She who shall not be mentioned is here.

Still attracts gazes

Dress hugging  her for dear life.

More Tuskers

Beer goggles start to form.

Everyone is a goddess.

Some dancing occurs

Family friend offers a pack (of playing cards?)

Close inspection reveals they ARE NOT PLAYING CARDS




Texts from last night

…of which there’s no recollection

“You might want to keep me out of trouble, it’s what elder sisters do”

“The usual, slaps, kicks, pregnancies and all”

“I see myself getting wasted badly, If this text makes sense, I might survive’

“That guy eats babies”

“Look. A Message”







  • Cheri Reply February 16, 2008

    This is what they call a Firstie!!!

    Now lemme read..

  • Cheri Reply February 16, 2008

    That bliss after the hug???? Huh???

    Was this one nite? Cuz it reads like a script from a whole week…

    Ivan, walayi oli miss!!!

  • magoola Reply February 16, 2008

    Dude show me how to do this. More importantly I need you to teach me how to do screen grabs

  • aegeus Reply February 17, 2008

    damn! a pack…a few cards short of a pack too…hehe!!

  • The 27th Comrade Reply February 18, 2008

    Drink some water, Ivan, and take a rest. 🙂

  • The Phantom Reply February 19, 2008

    now this is why this blog will live forever. like Rock n Roll.

  • darklegend Reply February 19, 2008

    my eyes got all sobby after reading this…

  • darklegend Reply February 19, 2008

    someone throw the boy a friggin’ bone..

  • Lesi Lesi Reply February 20, 2008

    Kaleidoscope!! Nice effects.

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