I haven’t been here in a minute,
Been toiling away,
Devoid of a life social,
That cool new movie?
Nuh, I haven’t seen it.
And now, for some reason unfathomable,
I can’t sleep for too long.
I wake up after three hours,
Sorta routine, like some kinda timetable.

I want to be able to construct a proper post,
To sit here and hack away at the keys,
Littering the screen with Jazz
And jazz and even more jazz,
I’m skipping, that’s what lack of sleep does,
Crap, I’ve even forgotten where I was.

I haven’t really got much to say,
No wait, there’s Sway,
Facebook is where it comes into play,
Constantly adding me as a friend,
My rejections knowing no end,
I say nuh, nada, heck..no way.
I hate having to pay,
So I can while my time away,
So, Sway, not today,

I told you I had nothing to say,
That I get inspired, I do pray,
Oh, and Lesi,
Something will be coming your way.




  • Sherry Darling Reply February 7, 2008

    Sokies…now off to read!

  • Sherry Darling Reply February 7, 2008

    Real writers’ block put to good use….Stop drinking that brew…it’s not good for yo liver or brain.

  • aegeus Reply February 7, 2008

    Cheri..how many names you got? that was MY thing!

  • duksey Reply February 7, 2008

    Nice way to get away with seeming like you got nothing to write..some cheat…

  • The 27th Comrade Reply February 7, 2008

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth Born of the Virgin Mary!

    You’re a fuckin’ genius. I’m not supposed to like poems! 😮

  • tumwijuke Reply February 8, 2008

    Let’s all sing the rhyming song, the rhyming song, the rhyming song. Let’s take time and rhyme together … the rhyming song.

  • Carlo Reply February 8, 2008

    ha ha ha! he even rhymed! write more often gwe mani.

  • darklegend Reply February 9, 2008

    this was inspired by a hangover?

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