Ivan Musoke

A Certain Interruptus; A Detective's Narrative

I feel the inside of my mouth go dry as the shock sets in. I think I might have dropped the “f”-bomb in my shock. Not that it matters, I mean, you barge into a room and the last thing you expect to find is the quarry you’d surely dealt with earlier. It’s a room in a brothel, so I suppose it’s perfectly normal to find a man and a woman making the beast with two backs, but this… this is almost insulting.

What’s this supposed to imply, that I didn’t quite “do it” for her? Was she faking it? Given her line of work, I suppose she would be well equipped with such a skill set. Damn she’s good. I gave her my all and I was so sure she’d repaid in equal measure, but here she is. Looking fresh as a daisy, well, as fresh as a slutty daisy would look.

I hate to admit it, but this… she’s got game… and stupidity in spades. Of all the rooms, in all the brothels in the entire city, she walked into this one. Karma’s a bitch!

Granted I’d planned to see her later for an encore to what I am fast beginning to think might have been a mediocre performance… I guess that’s what happens when you don’t pay for it. Then again, I’d figured if she happened to be in the brothel when the rest of the team arrived someone might ask questions so I’d sent her on her way. She’d started to ask for money, so I figured sending her away with a threat and not a piece of clothing would shut her up.

The look on her face was priceless then. I suppose that thing with making her move around naked didn’t really make sense, I just wanted to watch. No one’s perfect, right? We’re no angels.

The expression on her face is as hard to read as subtitles on a porn flick. It seems to be a mix of fear and triumph. If she could, I’m sure she’d sneer and ask, “Who’s laughing now?” Or whatever her limited linguistic capabilities would allow her.

“Officer, you are infringing on my privacy…” his voice interrupts my thoughts.

“Shut the hell up! Don’t speak until I tell you to!”

I interrupt him. He interrupted me, I interrupted him, we’re even. We would be if anyone was following this and awarding points.

And who the hell is this guy?

The guy at the other end of the phone simply said there was a disturbance in room 8. How they knew that, I didn’t bother to ask. As far as I could tell, there was a man, a hooker and hormones in overdrive. Hardly counted for much.

I train my gun on the client on the bed. I wonder if he has picked up on any tell-tale signs that I may know his companion. I look at her. She looks back at me. Naked. Heaving with… fear? Anticipation? Lust? Her nipples moving up and down with her panting. There’re beads of sweat that glisten on her flesh, the idea of a hooker’s sweat should be a visual contraceptive, and yet …I feel a little aroused. But I can’t let it show. I won’t let it. Then again, there’s no telling whether I haven’t already.

I find that my eyes betray me a lot.

I consider my options. I certainly can’t arrest a guy for having sex. What charges would I bring to the table?

“This man was being Idle and Disorderly”?

The guy is clearly engaged in an activity, so that kind of throws away the idle element. Disorderly? How?

Then I see it, the bathroom door is barely shut and I can see some faint stains on the wall. Is that blood? Brothels are not expected to be neat, but blood? A new surge of excitement sweeps over me.

The smart thing to do is to cuff these two and then go and investigate. The smarter thing to do is to carry two sets of handcuffs, but with the low crime rate in the city, we hardly need even the one. I need to think fast.

I move closer, gun still trained on him. I ask them to hold their hands out. No one should have to take this shit when they are doing their thing. Life’s not fair. If it was, these two would be in Nirvana right about now… hold on, that’s a bit to selfless. If life were fair, I’d be in nirvana with the brown thing sticking out her hand.

I cuff them to each other. There’s only so much two naked people can do in such a state. Actually, there’s a whole load of stuff that can be done, but I doubt these two have the imagination… better yet, I doubt she is paid enough to afford such ideas. Pity.

If they attempted to run, I suppose they’d deserve credit for having the balls.

I inch closer to the bathroom, my heart beating faster. Its ridiculous, but I’m actually excited at the prospect of what I may find behind that door. A kid unwrapping a Christmas present couldn’t be more excited even if she tried.

“You have no right to be here” The client seems to have found his voice, but it’s shaky when he adds, “Do you know who I am?” That last question didn’t sound convincing.

I choose to ignore him, my curiosity is heightened. What shall it be? Why is he guarding it so furiously? Is there a chance I can work out something with the hooker for later?

I push the door open and I see stained sheets in the tub.

…and a hand sticking out on the edge of the tub.

I move the sheets and I see the rest of the body, what’s left of it…and I hurl!

It’s a nasty sight, like a sadist’s wet dream.

It takes me a moment to compose myself. How the heck am I supposed to handle this? I can’t take the hooker in seeing as she has an alibi. One I’d rather she didn’t bring up. She’s been a real trooper so far, but people tend to squeal when murder charges are brought against them. It’s a human thing to do.

I turn my attention back to the pair on the bed; she looks frightened, drained of blood to the face. Like it is the first time she has seen the bathroom and its occupant… it probably is, seeing as I was with her earlier…

“I can explain that…” her client starts…

What explanation could possibly make sense here? He was way too horny, checked into a room and figured he’d get his money’s worth before reporting to someone that there was a dead body in the tub?

I certainly can’t “just let the hooker go. That would be a little suspicious. But if I don’t and someone else from the team comes over, both of them will be taken in for questioning. Worse yet, someone may recognize her as my charge from earlier.

I need to think fast.

I am not fast enough, I hear the sirens outside the window, the team has arrived…




  1. Dude, wat’s with you and ‘coitus interruptus’?..u make it seem like when you are about to have coitus there is interruptus!!

  2. Can’t wait to see what the psycho does in this lovely mix!

    So far the only person who has a chance is the hooker. But i have a niggling suspicion that the detective may start toying with ideas of doing away with her! She seems to love the sight of dead bodies a little bit too much!

    More! More! More!

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