I’ve seen how it ends,
Its not pretty.
Matter of fact
Its messed up,
Its quite shitty,

But forget the end,
The last day
Shelf the thoughts negative,
Leave the depression at bay,
Look back to a time past,
When life was good and the food fast.

Let’s go to a back-then,
Full of days Euphoric
None induced by the chronic,
None with us down and out
Spewing stuff melancholic,

When we looked at a frown,
And fought to crack it,
Not to the right now
When everything is enveloped
Sealed in a word…Fukkit.

True. Life can be a bitch,
But that’s not for the right now,
That’s after all is said and done,
After a lot more is said than done,

In the end.




  • Iwaya Reply September 6, 2007

    M, couldn’t agree more! Look back (not in) anger but rueful wisdom and then face the now smiling 🙂

    I did not mean to sound that way!

  • duksey Reply September 6, 2007

    wow!wow! yeah you know what it is pips

  • duksey Reply September 6, 2007

    @iwaya,and where did u come from.am gona get you uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i have even lost gas to comment more

  • Samantha Reply September 6, 2007

    True, true.

  • The 27th Comrade Reply September 6, 2007

    Wha’? Ivan writes poetry? I’m going to report you to Baz.
    I’d be gentler if it hadn’t been good poetry. Now, no excuse left.

  • Be silent Reply September 7, 2007

    Ivan and poetry? yay

  • Cheri Reply September 8, 2007

    Man, this poetry thing is going way too far…..

    Here’s my shoulder.

    And get online….. now!

  • saharasoulfood Reply September 9, 2007

    Well said, Ivan!
    Still – life is what yhou make out of it. It’s a choice – I believe.

  • Klara Reply September 11, 2007

    Turned Poetic?? Loving this

  • fujitsioux Reply September 11, 2007

    This shit is tight! Excuse my chinese.

    I need to reform: this hanging out with guys is having a bad influence on me.

  • zee Reply September 19, 2007

    really nice!as in ivan..niccceeeeee!

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