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Nga don’t I get Tagged again? I know I know, tagging is like so last year, I know, right! But anyway, given that I’ve got like, you know, nothing to write right now, lemme give in…in any case, this one was going to be a Random Drive-By Post… you know the rules, here’s me!

I can’t take a hint! I don’t know if it’s a me-thing or I fling myself so far into things, that my eyes though open are shut and life screws me over…Yeah, I know!

I am not really good with locating flats or apartments. Well sure, you’ll tell me where yours is, and I will find it with no problem, but the moment someone else tells me where theirs’ is, I’m screwed. I’m just as shocked as you are, I discovered this about me like three days back.

I can rarely tell a good thing when its in front of me… apart from movies, somehow I can tell.

I’m what the great psychologist Johannes Gutencrap called a “sponge”. Basically this means I tend to feel for others when they are going through shit…. PLEASE NOTE, I am not referring to the Blog Beef. I won’t sit here and lie to you through my fingers that I was saddened by that episode…you know me better than that.

When it comes down to it, I can be pretty vindictive… I just need a good enough reason, Family and friends being messed around with is as good as any.

I can’t stand Sean Kingston. I like the song Beautiful Girls, but I hate the dude. I feel bugged when I see him. I hate it when my kid sis. goes all sympathetic to some imagined plight he went through that made him like that. Shit! Nga the rest of us didn’t sing?

I have authority issues…that is, I had Authority issues, apparently I don’t know when I should brown nose and suck up. It almost cost me my job. I guess not too many people are keen on sarcasm, go figure!

I don’t know when to stop.




  1. “You’re way too beautiful girl
    That’s why it’ll never work
    You’ll have me suicidal, suicidal”

    i am so high on this song!!…sang it the whole morning today peeps at home are wondering whether am trying to tell them some…like you know. suicidal or what?

    oh, we are doing roll call too?…fourth

  2. I am not really good with locating flats or apartments. …My flat is 3B three houses below the first ine in the middle of the second one…

    Then by-pass that joint before turning left to that tree.There you can ask the most popular….dude…

    LOL..some one once directed me like that..it sucks..

  3. Ho. Lee. Sheet.

    I get lost in apartment translation myself … But it doesn’t have to be flats. `I said the left, not the right!’ 🙁
    Authority issues? We give those of thy kind refugee status in this here kingdom.

  4. I feel you on the hint thing. But do you have that one of when you can see other people missing hints and yet you yourself you never get them?

    And Lol at mataachi. He knows you, man.

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