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I’d like to attribute my absence to the fact that I got a job, but that hasn’t stopped loads of bloggers I know.

I’d like to claim that given the heat that was radiating off of the ‘sphere last week, I took a back seat to watch and enjoy it. What? Guilty pleasure. You and I know you enjoyed it as much as I did…the whole solidarity thing…

The whole idol worship thing amused me to say the least… as you can tell, given that I have finally gone out and put up a picture. Think of it as testing the waters while I contemplate starting some sort of ” group or sect bound together by veneration of” blogger pictures… what-about?

To make amends for the fact that I can’t come up with a satisfactory reason for not blogging, I will cave in to the last demand on this post.


I want to narrow it down to the fact that I got a job…but that was yesterday… when I had to endure decent clad, all black mind you, and got a few disses from people who for some reason can’t fathom the possibility that I own such clothes. I’d like to state that I keep such attire for emergencies such as (but not limited to…)

  • Job Interviews
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Babies’ birthdays

Also, in the on-going CHOGM billboard debate, I honestly think that if you’re going to get a bunch of people to say they are ready for CHOGM, get real people. People like you and I, or the boda boda riders, get people that the public can relate with/to. Ofcourse the Kyabazinga is ready for the damn thing. Dude’s going to meet the queen of England, for ****’s sake!

I don’t know what Rio Ferdinand’s angle is… He is telling us we are ready for the world? I won’t hold it against him though…spend one night in the Serena and you will also get deluded enough to say things like that. Given that (and statistics are not my strong point) 99.97% of us do NOT in fact STAY at the Serena, that’s an unfair statement to make.




  1. First and foremost, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for being too damn slow guaranteeing that I always get firsties. Thanks a lot. I appreciate.

    Ivan congs on the job.

    The people responsible for the CHOGM campaign should refund our money. They are just wasting it.

  2. Not only do you look smokin’ hot in that clad … you also should quit the whole lugabire thing. You’re better off like this.

    When I went for a job interview, all I did was comb the Afro I had then. 🙂

    Am I ready for CHOGM?

  3. You got the job? This means less blogging than ever? Okay, first off, congratulations! No one deserved it more. No more Tuskers on me, Tuskers on YOU!

    So you’re coming out, eh? :O)

  4. First of all, lol.

    That is not the picture I expected.

    Secondly, 27 thinks you are hot. Discuss.

    Hah hah. Ooowaye.

    I think it is because the picture took so long to load that it is so funny. Where is Cheri, she has to see this.

  5. Baz Comrade actually thought smoking hot! thats a step above being just hot. and considering his recent interest in homosexuals….well u do the math. Comrade Im just discussing. hehehe

  6. You know you’ve gotten quite a point there on the chogm ads… cuz if they’re gonna have folk that some people worship up there, and others wouldn’t care less to know them, they might as well put up nobody’s! That way it’d be more justified…you don’t know ’em and neither do I, and the whole lot coming for the meet don’t know ’em too, but what matters is their nationality and how this whole chogm hullabaloo is gonna help ’em (if at all)…cuz truth be told, ugandans are never gonna agree on which ‘idol’ is befitting to put up there….at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised to hear there’s one of “mama fina” up there too! Can anybody get the guy in charge of that campaign to your blog already!!

  7. hey, u look like u were about 2 headbutt the guy who took that shot!!!!!!!!!
    congs, dude, on the job.
    loved the firm humour in yo bba recap (sunday vision)

  8. Ivan….been away for a while now…and thank u for giving me this laugh.

    1. Some megapix?
    2. Some pose?
    3. Some attitude?

    Dude, u just lost yo gangsta-tude with me. U’re not a dog anymore. U’re a cat. Meow meow.


    Baz, I’ve seen. CHOGM is ready for u! I know I am!

  9. Ok !the last time i read about Chogm and Ivan,it meant somethign totally different.Can somebody find me on this one,and real quick before my mind goes haywire. and to ask ‘Ivan is chogm ready for me?’ dude!!!

  10. i agree with durskey but then so is it still called chogm?so i tagged you check my blog.by the way congratulations on the job so when is the bhh thus when are you splashing some monies on us.

  11. Surely surely surely…CHOGM is ready for you Ivan. No doubt. I think you forgot your title and then the signature……

    Peace be with you Ivan…i hope the queen gets to know …

  12. Ladies and Gentlemen, representing Ivan from the hottest seat in the world … Yay. Dude, you gotta tell me about the job when I get back. I am so pleased. Did you have to wear a suit and all?

  13. I like this keep em waiting approach thingy you have going on here, coming to two weeks without blogging. I mean, it is an approach, right?

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