The Ugandan Blogumentary: A Walkthrough

I’m doing this in real time..I am writing this as I watch coz I have a spade’s ability to recall stuff.

Also, I have to keep darting back and forth so I can work on a Big Brother Africa recap.

Please note that I do NOT appear in this documentary. My stunt double does, sporting a rugged look…and a confused expression. Most. Of. The. Time.

This is what’s happening….

The Communist edition of Cribs.

What Kampala looks like through a communist’s eyes (with help from NOKIA) at 7am.

I half expected some dude to jump in and take the phone at this point…

Lines of code on a communist’s monitor at work. (Man, it’s The Matrix all over again!) The big HAIR OF REV that was banned from cyberspace.

Statistics in Danish. You might grasp it, but from where I’m sitting its all Greek to me… well, more like white Greek text on a black screen…only it is not really Greek. Its Danish.

A part with my stunt double claiming to be anti-government.

A red carpet type thing where we all come in like celebrities.

Technically, it is a red carpet thing sans the red carpet….

Oh look its Sage, and Dee… and Rev returning the Nokia…and wronglooking candle holders. Bad Mateos, BAD!!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Happy Hour!!

Wow! Its Baz….and SUBTITLES!! And more exclamation points in this post than you can shake a blog at!!

Bloody stunt double has the attention span of a diskette!

I could do with a Danish to English translator right about now. My limited Danish knowledge extends to…well, it is limited.

SAGE blogs because he wants to make a difference. His jam is playing in the background and yes, it has made a difference.

Dee has her reasons…. ( you need to get the blogumentary to see)

Country Boy wants to headbutt the camera, but its all good. He has a hat! Actually all the guys seem to have hats… What? Product placement!

Scratch that, Dennis doesn’t have a hat… come to think of it he has quite possibly the shortest hair in this piece yet… if you overlook the beard.

We are now seeing Carlo‘s Kampala…Uganda… well, Carlo is the star of the show right now… ehnth time I find myself going shopping with a girl. This has to stop!

Wow! And that’s all I’m saying… wow you guys!

Cute scene involving kids that also want to headbutt the screen. I blame this on Zidane… or Tyson…or Country Boy… or MTV.

We are now in Gulu. Excellent, that’s a trip I’ve been spared. Anywho, you have to see this bit.

And now Rev. has dreads…I missed the transformation…

Sara, Maria, Kirstine and Annette have put together a piece worth watching. I certainly don’t regret giving the Blogumentary 15 minutes of my life…and now we wait.




  • The 27th Comrade Reply August 7, 2007

    I’m yet to see that, you know. 😀
    I usually get shocked at myself on camera, so I usually do the camera-holding whenever there is one. My first excursion into the deep Other Side. 🙂

  • Dante Reply August 7, 2007

    Dude! whats this? a review or a walkthru. false advertising, i say. what was the blogumentary about anyway?

  • Tandra Reply August 7, 2007

    hmmm….im with Dante

  • Baz Reply August 7, 2007


  • eddie Reply August 8, 2007

    Carlo? take that guy for shopping….may be owino would be est because you can drain him dry if its not there…..LOL…jokes..

    Good post…

  • Kissyfur Reply August 8, 2007

    why dont we have a viewing at the next BHH????/

  • duksey Reply August 8, 2007

    Just what i was thinking Kissfur.A viewing! a viewing! a viewing!! can i hear some noise!!!!!

  • heaven! Reply August 10, 2007

    @Duksey: Yeeeeee!!!!

  • Ivan Reply August 10, 2007

    @ 27th: Heh, you should see it, got way loads more screen time than I did. Now I want dreads too 😀

    @Dante: A walkthrough…you would need a review to tell you what the Blogumentary was about

    @Tandra: Why?

    @Baz: Take

    @Eddie: I was Banned from Owino, mbu I am below their standards

    @Kissyfur: We could if someone carries a large enough laptop or a DVD player plus TV

    @Duksey: Heaven has graciously given you the noise you sought

    @Heaven: You’re loud aren’t ya!

  • Aegeus Reply August 10, 2007

    Hilarious! Any chance of the Blogumentary making its way onto you tube? Or a loose copy finding its way onto an Akamba bus bound for the city of Nairobi? I would hold a screening here for the Kenyan bloggers…what say you?

    Back to read again….then i shall go await the arrival of the parcel…or shall i not? 🙂

  • tumwijuke Reply August 11, 2007

    What a boring affair! Fell asleep at the first sentence. I am glad I didn’t attend.

    Of course in real-people-speak that’s ‘nugu’ for missing UBHH again.

  • Dante Reply August 14, 2007

    Well tumwijuke, this piece wasnt about the BHH. It was the documentary done on blogging in uganda, hence “Ugandan Blogumentary”. Ur more than welcome to attend The Real BHH. I have a feeling it’ll be pretty soon.

  • eddslah Reply August 14, 2007

    u guys are having alot of fun behind our baks.
    am coming for the next BHH walai

  • Sterghios Reply August 25, 2007


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