This week in The News…

Published in That magazine that comes free with the Sunday paper, The caption read, ” This girl worked as a prostitute…she recently gave birth to this baby, but she doesn’t know who the father is. She and the baby are both very ill.”

Baz said it was schadenfreude-like for me to laugh, and I agree. I feel for the lady…

That said;

  • I’m guessing the father of the baby is one hairy white dude…
  • This is what happens when you oversleep with a teddybear
  • The baby doesn’t look THAT sick to me…
  • I’m almost certain that that is NOT that woman’s child!




  • The 27th Comrade Reply July 25, 2007


    Is it? I missed it! 😮

  • magintu Reply July 25, 2007

    This would have been a whole lot funnier if she has tried to pass Furry off as the child of that gu man lurking in the background!


  • duksey Reply July 25, 2007

    oh,i had to laugh at that whole baby teddy bear thing but that story made me want to cry.
    I can’t imagine what a grown man would want with a five year old prostitute or even a fourteen year old.I just wanted to go castrate all them cambodians and asians.

  • Cheri Reply July 25, 2007

    Gwe, this is too funny. ROTFLMAO….

    Ouch, my ribs. I almost pee-d on myself.

    And Baz calls himself the editor of Sunday Vision!!!!

    “This is what happens when you oversleep with a teddybear”


  • Goldillocks Reply July 25, 2007

    I am her fashhher!

  • scotchie Reply July 26, 2007

    🙂 insane

  • Baz Reply July 26, 2007


    When did I become Editor of Sunday Vision?

    I don’t even do any work on the magazine — I write ONE PAGE!

    My name through the mud like this? My job is in the paper not the magazine.

    And I am NOT Daudi Ochieng.

    I am not responsible for this travesty. I am only responsible for the good stuff.

  • Baz Reply July 26, 2007

    ChERI! I am not the editor of SUNDAY VISION!!

    I don’t even work for the magazine, I write ONE PAGE in the magazine.

    I was nowhere near this travesty. I only be responsible for the good stuff in the paper.

    Also, I am not Daudi Ochieng.

    Editor of Fluffy White babies, me?

  • this is not fair ivan, i saw the pic first and so legitmately the firsties belong to me i just didnt know the story accompanying it was rocks, so hilarious, just made my mornin when i have an ogre boss to meet….

  • Gerald Reply July 29, 2007

    Those without kids are crying for them.Those with kids are also suffering, Oh ma’ God

  • Gerald Reply July 29, 2007

    Is that Kid real?

  • boyfulani Reply July 30, 2007

    that really cracked me up..loooooooool

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