For I….

Began work at my new place of work and I

For some reason don’t quite feel it, but I

Figure I need to stay the course and try

To weather the storm and stay the course, until I

Can figure out what else to do. Not gonna be easy coz I

Seem to have picked up some negative disposition which I

Can’t seem to let go of, but depression is a thing that I

Have no reason to suffer from seeing as I

Could be in so dire a situation that I

Wouldn’t be able to get out of so bad yet I

Realize that there are loads of distractions that help us see past the grey

Here’s to my distraction(s)




  • The 27th Comrade Reply July 3, 2007

    I and I will give you a big op, man.

    Good noises about the job, there. 😀

    And you rhyme. Sun is shining, man. Sun is shining.

  • Gerald Reply July 3, 2007

    Great post.

  • magoola Reply July 3, 2007

    I suspect this is more to this.

    Dude can you like throw more light on this?

  • country boyi Reply July 4, 2007

    congs man! u gotta love that job & u’ll remain steadfast even if waves roll
    and o yeah this is well crafted

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