With this hand…

She said she could read palms.

I thought nothing of it. Yet, glancing back, I wonder…

She took my hand into hers, furrowed her brow, deep in thought, pondering. I took a sip of my drink with my free hand, nonchalant. She peered harder, hard enough to get my attention. I put my glass back onto the table, leaned forward and looked at my hand.

“It’s not good, not bad either, but this is…”

I asked her what she saw, what she meant.

“Well, according to this, you are going to be very successful, possibly wealthy…”

Sounded good so far, but I knew there was more to come.

“…but, well, it looks like you won’t be happy.” There was some sort of finality in the way she said those words.

I thought nothing of it; the night went on without further incident.

That was a while back, forever ago, its 2:22 pm now, I’m looking back….

And thinking.




  • country boyi Reply July 1, 2007

    and u believed her??? u’ll b damned if u believe in that bull!! firsties, suckers!!

  • dickson E Wasake Reply July 2, 2007

    i really hope there is like a part 2 to this..it left me clamouring to know, like how long ago was this..and is she for real? hmm interesting really..

  • The 27th Comrade Reply July 2, 2007

    Well … I don’t like believing in them things, but that there is That Realm … that, I can’t doubt.
    I have had a brush with a palm-reader, too, once. Muhfucker was so spot-on for the first guesses that I had to sprint off. I was a kid, and she was a stranger. Scared me real good.
    I don’t doubt the power of that stuff. But the goodness or badness … you get to choose.

  • queenb Reply July 2, 2007

    As long as she dont say you can only be happy in life if you are with her! lol Anyway the sucessful bit sounds good but it gets freaky when she says you wont be happy.I would like to belive the good and question the ugly.Nice post.

  • Cheri Reply July 2, 2007

    Make the money make u happy. U’ll be power of it….order it to make u very happy.

    Also, Give yo life to Christ!!!

    And never believe such trash…don’t even give yo palms there for this bollocks….Ivan…read yo Bible. It will tell u what u need to know.

    Atte, I’m very serious.

  • ish Reply July 2, 2007

    2:22, that’s Audie’s favorite time. not important, just couldn’t think of anything reassuring to say

  • Kissyfur Reply July 3, 2007

    I like the suprises life throws my was. for that reason I will not have my palm read or crystal ball or tea cup…..

  • Baz Reply July 3, 2007

    WordPress must have eaten my clever comment.

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