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See,I've been thinking…

I’d like to state for the record that I am not working….or employed…or whatever. The plus side is that my current state has given me some time to think.

Most of the thoughts, I’m sure you’ll relate, pertain to making money. I haven’t been this innovative since that time when I decided I wanted to be the singer called Voracious Reptile. Speaking of, Clever J (of the manzi wa nani fame) kind of put an end to that idea.

So, I have wondered what options are open to me. How do I make a name for myself. How do I get to trot the globe and what not? I will become an evangelist. As I await anointing I have a couple of niche areas I’m looking at.


There are two ways I could play this. One of them entails me preaching to all boda boda riders, yeah, all 15 of them and then hoping I’ve done my part. The alternative, and I think this is the way to go, involves me being the rider and ministering to my passenger(s). The way I see it, my routine will go something to this effect;

Me: Boss, are you going? Chief? Manager? Baby?

She: Yes, how much?

Me: We will talk, you don’t worry…

During the course of the ride…

Me: Madam, you…

She: Call me Baby.

Me : Baby, you don’t have to pay, all I want from you is acceptance that you will take Jesus as your Lord and saviour.

She: Who? You want me to be saved? Shya! You take my money and my phone number, you are insulting me…eh eh, why are you swerving like that on a smooth road, why are you jerking around like that, there are no humps. OH MY GAWD!


An innocent by-stander:

As people keep walking past a spot I go into a sob story with a moral at the end and ask them to accept Jesus.

“If only…oh man, if only. Hey, stop walking away from me…what do you mean you know me. I did what? When? I have never been a boda boda rider…it was..ah okay you go.”

“You, yes you. Don’t you sometimes wish life was fair to you? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong, but I mean, look. You’re walking. Wouldn’t you rather be driving? Yes? Okay now give me like 20,000 and I will hook you up with a visa to heaven. Now, you place your hand on any car you want and it will be yours to…hey, not the moving vehicles…”

Might be a success


Pretty simple really. As the taxi sets off, issue threats. It may be construed as vehicular terrorism, but what do they know, right?

Me: I want you to love Jesus.

Passenger: I already love Jesus.

Me: Eh? Okay, now I want you to pay me because you love Jesus.

Passenger : Huh? That doesn’t even make sense.

Me: Pay me or else I will embrace you…what’s that? 1,000. I get more for just sitting on people.

Passenger : Okay here is 20,000.

That’s better…now your fare?

To Be Continued




  1. Sitting on people?

    Now we really need to get u a job! Seriously….there are some open positions in my heart! Apply now.

  2. hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…..Ivan apply now..tobeera nga fala..fast, fast she dont got no time!!kati howz about u go for those bonna bagagawale schemes?You could convince people that God told u to tell them to give u their wealth..one Ugandan told ugandans mbu ‘God told her to become MP and guess wat..they voted her!!

  3. LOL…tears in me eyes, this is just funny. N if this is proof that you really have been thinking…..Great post!!

  4. Nice header image!!! Thou rockest.

    @Cheri: `Contuned’? You’re high.

    @Ivan: Gwe, get serious, now. Serious. You can’t be making jokes of this stuff, can you? Really? Not kidding. :o|

  5. Ivan, go over for that 20. We can’t let peeps be saying stuff like that when legal tender is involved. And you can’t trust a guy with a name like Ernest. And u rock.


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