Ivan Musoke

A state of contemplative repose : The Text

Dennis is jealous. I am not. . .and yet, its a better place to be. For right now, I am confused. A little. Some things you just can’t explain. Like taxi park incidents.

Take for instance, those times you are in your taxi, minding your business and this dude tries to break the window so he can sell you a watch. Seriously now, if you’re going to inflict some sort of damage, offer me something I could use. Like an English-Luganda dictionary. That way I can hurl obscenities at the taxi conductor,erm, person when he inflates my fare like he thinks I’m a CHOGM delegate.

Or the times there’s a dude going around selling stuff like combs, earrings and all that when suddenly, he looks at you and all of a sudden he is selling toothpaste and drugs to enhance your manhood… WHAT IS UP with that? I know I am not alone. This **** happens to everyone. Its like the gods look down and think, heh, look at that dude, let’s have some fun with him.

I might have lied at some point. . . I could be jealous..I may not care to actually acknowledge it coz that’s what I do. I chill and refuse to acknowledge stuff and watch as stuff goes by…

… I’ll be mildly preoccupied, thinking of nothing else when I’m hangin out…I’ll look for some sort of distraction, but that won’t work. And even if I did feel something, and i just might…I’ll never tell….I am The 0ne




  1. Thick plot over here….

    Wat did u guys smoke at the BHH? Y’all be gushing at something/one…

    Now u?


  2. @Cheri: This stuff, unfortunately, happens whenever cute thingies are bouncing about… They don’t have to be balloons. Chics will do just fine.

    @The One: Eh! I thought I was the only victim of that stuff. Could have fought, that other day when a guy looked me over and pulled out knickers. I am no friggin’ cross-dresser, I want that known. My ego needs some massage.

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