Ivan Musoke


  1. think i like what you have done with light (assuming you drew it)propotion is good in relativity with the pose must be contemplating the next victim.deep picture some nostalgia here.

  2. What happened to I and I comment?

    Anyway, I was asking what image editor our talented artist here is using …
    GIMP? Photoshop? Huh?

  3. @Cherie: Gee lady, aren’t you happy with just the claws, now you want hair as well?

    @QueenB: maybe that’s what I am contemplating over…the nails,I mean

    @LeosChild: It was a photo I played around with

    @27th: Photoshop…

    @BeSilent: Be easy…nawe

    @Cheri: Its a strange fascination you have there.

    @Baz: Nonesense, we’d put our heads on the table first then…

  4. i think playing with pictures is unachievable if your not mentally artfully talented(if such exists)still saying superb work.

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