So ends another one…

We’ve come quite far you and I.
I don’t know you well enough to speak from your point of view
so I’ll stick to mine.

As I look back I can’t help but think, what do I have to show for the year gone by…the radio promotion wherein listener’s were invited to find a road with no potholes? Straka’s ability to maintain her weight…and still be shown full frame on telly? Nope.

This one time my cousin had gone to buy a DVD writer/burner. I’d told him he could get one for 90k, and he took this knowledge with him to the shop. The sales guy there on the other hand had other plans and insisted that there was no way in heck that a product of such capabilities could go for such a price. So he quoted 160k. My cousin called me up and we went to another shop (next door actually) and we got a flippin’ writer for 90k. When we went back and berated the dude at the other shop, he took it, looked it over and as he handed it back he goes like, “good price”. I’m lookin at this dude and thinkin’ “What the heck man?” Good price? That’s your line of defense. Put up a fight…accuse us of spinning a yarn. Don’t GOOD PRICE us. Surely you’ve got a little more creativity up there…no? Shit, fine, I’ll let that go…

Some other time I was listening to the radio, coz it’s like, the sort of thing you do while at work. Anywho, these guys are discussing parental love and the bonds they share with their offspring. (in some far off country the presenters are going into serious issues that require listeners to call in and make like goat noises… more on that in a bit) Anywho, so this dude calls in and remarks, “Mother’s make good lovers…” albeit unannounced I’m sure there were several accidents that occurred right about then…so a presenter inquires (his major contribution to radio thus far) “eh, you man, what are talking about?”…and the dude replies, “Mother’s can love their kids a lot…”No shit?!

Radio is a tricky biz, I suppose. It can’t be easy to come up with a promo that will get people talking…or making animal sounds. So there was this promo running where a person had to call in and make that sound goats make…when they are like totally conversating and all. That there was kinda lame, even if it meant you got to take the damn thing home for the night Christmas. How do you explain that stuff back home?
– Honey! Kids! I got us a goat.
– That’s wonderful dad, how did you pull it off?
– I reached into my soul, found my inner herbivore and got my goat on…

Taxi fares shot up…actually lots of stuff shot up and for the most part it was explained by falling water levels. It was a bad period for brothels…
-It is usually _______ but because I can’t afford to bathe after that, I have added ______ for bottles of mineral water.

Come to think of it, the crisis made it that much harder to hit on chics in bars and stuff seeing as you couldn’t afford to wine them, dine them and take them home.
It was the year of blogger sightings. And because it was getting out of hand I will not dwell on it…

Ernest released his book, thereby ensuring that we have some Saggy relief…just one thing though, MORE PAGES man! Or keep Saggy away from society…

I’m hungry, I’ll get back to y’all later.



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  • minty Reply December 29, 2006

    I think I like your point of view better. What a year!
    All the best for the next.

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