Ivan Musoke

She Said Yes

B: ‘sup?

Me: erm, nothing..why, what’s going on? What have you heard?

B: Oh, nuthin’..Just that you’ve been avoiding me…

Me: Whoa! Hang on..

B: Yeah, I know, I’ve already been on her case but we already sorted ourselves out…

Me: No shit?!

B: Shit…see for yourself.

Me: I did actually, just figured she was putting words in your mouth…

B: I have it on good authority from Joshi that that’s not all that was being put in my mouth, hehe..geddit?

Me: Actually, no. Its much too lewd for me to comprehend. So, what do you want?

B: Well, you’ve been feeling way too deep for your own good, I mean,WTF! Man! Who the heck do you think you are?

Me: I can explain that, actually, no. Just go on with the monologue…

B: I feel cheated dawg! I mean, we was rollin’ together in this hizzy fuh shizzy. Peeps done seen us rollin and started hatin…what is up with that? You got me quoting song lyrics dude!

Me: Now that, I can explain.

B: If it’s the song lyrics thing, I know where that’s from. Is it the other thing?

Me: It was the song lyrics actually…go on with your rant.

B: Thanks, so anyway, its like I’m alone these days. Its like I was telling Cherie earlier. Y’all seem to have just come over had your way with me and left. What do I look like, some sort of slut?

Me: Actually…

B: Don’t answer that. It was a rhetorical thing…Rhetorical in its very nature. I’m deep like that. And I know I am sort of loose. I mean, have you seen the number of people that use me. Heck, I have tried to be a little selective, what with all that beta nonsense, but you lot keep on coming…you’re as persistent as a third world politician.

Me: That’s not very specific.

B: I know. Which is really sad. But you know what’s sadder? You! Going around biting people’s writing styles and all, couldn’t you have come up with your own idea?

Me: Its way too much work, the beauty of this is the title. I mean, if you’ve come from her blog, it makes you think…

B: That it does, but don’t you think you’ve stretched this whole thing a bit too much, seriously four hundred something words?

Me: Yeah, I guess it should end here…




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