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I apologise for being such a lousy blogger. I guess unmployment has impacted me worse than I care to admit…well, I think its unemployment. After all, most of the frequent bloggers are employed in some capacity or the other.

I just started watching House (or for those nitpickers among all y’all House_M.D).It’s actually quite nice. Yeah its got some gory stuff in there,but after watching Nip Tuck (….Nip/Tuck) you ought to be able to stomach just about anything that TV dishes out…well,not anything as such. I have failed to watch Straka. . .and Mosh. . .and that chic on Jam Agenda. . .which is really sad, I’d gotten over the Kazoora complex I’d developed ages ago then WHAM! There’s a new addition to the program. . .that just won’t stay put. This chic dances to silence! How the heck…forget how, WHY…is there some rule in the broadcasting world that states that at any one point you should be animated.That you should be moving in some way. . .really?. . . My bad, I guess that chic over at UBC didn’t get the memo. HER LOSS.

I just realised that the toothpaste I use is branded New Spicy flavor..then somewhere along the line, there’s talk of it being hot! I know what you’re thinking. How did I fail to see this when I was picking it out of the 500 brands available.

(yes, 500. Each is a variation of some other, such that Close Up has some 30 sumthin cousins, ie Closer,Close Dent,Closer Den,Clo Den, Up Close,Close Yap, Club Pilsner…)

Let’s take this one step at a time, I think the real issue here is the marketing guru that came up with this stuff. Did he actually consider,even for a minute what he was saying?

“Oh yeah,we are like so going to get them, we will introduce a spicy taste in the morning….its going to be hot! and when they least expect it, we will slip in some garlic. Someone stop me, I’m on FIRE!”

*****Welcome back NATHAN*****
I watched Superman Returns. . .
. . . that’s all I’m saying . . .




  1. Oh you guys! You’re makin me blush…no,wait,that’s what I would say in the previous life…


    Thank you

    Thank you,you’re far too kind…

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