Ivan Musoke

Ah man,you shoulda seen it!

I downloaded the teaser thingy for the new Spiderman movie and I gotta tell ya…this thing is off the hook…or,erm,off the web. It looks incredible and I have gotten really amped about this thing…so amped I have my own theories from just watching the Teaser….join me… First of all, I think this one is going to be called Spiderman and his enemies. nuh, I’m kiddin. I actually think the producers would have gone with The Evil Within or WEB OF DECEIT if the Nigerian filmmakers hadn’t beaten them to it…only that the Nigerians skillfully masked the title and made it read Roses In The Rain,but we know better,don’t we? There is also a villain that looks like Imhotep from The Mummy when he “gets his sand on” and I think his back story involves him being a hydrophobe or sumthin. I guess the producers are trying to go all moralistic on us and trying to encourage the young’uns in the audience to bathe..dunno about you,but I think I’d skip showering for a chance to be that cool!
There seems to be a scene that may not have made it to The Lord Of The Rings movie but is cleverly put to use here…
Hang on,seems blogger won’t let me upload the pix…which totally messes me up…How am I supposed to show you these awesome pix?
oh heck..you shoulda seen it…




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