Dear Diary

I went for a wedding over the weekend. It was given loads of attention by the press. And when we did actually arrive for the reception part we were asked to switch off the phones. I guess that’s because guys go around making calls and receiving them in the middle of some speech.

The function could be summed up in two words…Product Placement!

There was an advert after just about every itsy bitsy thing…I will attempt to recapture the moments;

MC: Did you like the music?Yeah? You can buy music from _____________

Friend of the Bride: For those of you who don’t know,I work at a radio station, I’m on air between the hours of______. I am also a musician, My new album titled ____________ comes out soon

MC: we are so happy to be here at _____________ where “Quality and Luxury are prime”

I’m kinda sleepy…




  • Mataachi Reply June 29, 2006

    “my name is jack mataachi and i write a very good blog…”

  • Lovely Amphibian Reply June 29, 2006

    nothing wrong with blowing your own horn…if the endorsed companies actually paid any dime, that is.

  • Degstar Reply June 30, 2006

    datwas Ham & Georgie’s wedding right? and the DJ/musician was Julianna, sindio? kyokka Ugandans, no shame watsoever, not unlike me over at

  • CountryBoyi Reply July 1, 2006

    “Ew,” Savage will say!

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