Gifted By…who are we kidding…

Hi there.
I’m your pal.We’ve met,probably shared a seat in the taxi because the bloody driver has the idea that there’s always room for one more…You know me,I’m just any other Ugandan.

Oh wait,that won’t scare anyone off from this blog will it? I figure I just scored a few points for our beloved pearl. Sadly we won’t see them on CNN or anything,but all those people asking asinine questions in the chatrooms and remarking that I “have exceptional English for a Ugandan” will take a chill pill. I mean, we are Gifted By Nature for crying out loud..Yeah, we may mix our “l’s” and “r’s”…but that doesn’t make us any less Human.

I am not angry. I am actually a little deluded. See, the thing is, i have a test tomorrow, but can’t get anything in.I really have tried.And it doesn’t help that I do not have any interest in the subject at all…plus the notes I am reading are messing up my eyes..UGH.

So let’s examine the whole Gifted By Nature thing…not too much though,I really do have to read…

Our transport sector is gifted..I mean look at the boda bodas,man!That’s some gift right there. Wait,don’t leave, this is a very serious argument. When you sit on the boda bodas (I may have forgotten to mention this earlier, a boda boda is a motorbike of very very low standards that is used as a means of transportation) there is no chance of the rider trying to place you in an armpit lock the way the taxi conductor does. Its awfully cool.Insane,even. Ofcourse some have suggested that boda boda riders are aspiring to be conductors and as such try to show that they qualify by insisting that you,your friend and the pretty chic standing next to you can all fit on the Boda. Its called the Sandwich,everyone’s doing it.

Our Education System…It rocks! And I am not “just” saying this because I realised how easy it is for people to discover who I am. I really do believe that we have a great system going for us. How many other countries will go to the lengths we do to make sure that kids don’t cheat (sounds like a poor imitation of Hips Don’t Lie)? I mean, we have spies sitting among the students. I really don’t know how that happens, guess the students are not “gifted”. I don’t know about you,but I think I would notice that the dude sitting next to me is not one of us.I mean, after an entire year, you have a rough idea of who your schoolmates are. They are usually the ones in the uniform and without the beard and the bloody Walkie-talkie!

The women…nuff said!

The entertainment industry…I haven’t been around much (something someone saw fit to point out when I was applying for a Visa a while back) but I am fairly certain we have a Gifted lot here. Its in the names..No Creature…man,I can’t go on typing,I have to stop briefly and look at the screen and scoff..No creature…*five minutes later* I think the artistes may beg to differ. We do not hold them with the high esteem every other celebrity deserves. I mean,it should be such that, you stop in awe, shocked that you are in the presence of (insert suitable name here) but that never happens here…Nope, we will just drive off insulted that (insert the suitable name here again) dared to ask for a ride in our cars just after we had them washed. This one time, I walked right past one,none of that “OHMYGAD!” stuff, I figured he was shooting a video and was not really serious when he was asking me for some money…I think they edited that bit of the video,coz I haven’t seen myself in any of his videos.

Our politicians…they,,not all of them you realise…its usually the ones that I haven’t met personally…I get biased. I really wish they were more accessible and would not be shy about bribing.Its just money! Oh,right, the politicians that I haven’t met..we are gifted with those too, they really do represent the interests of the people…I’m thinking the people are interested in money,and the politicians make this clear. I think our problem is the fact that we are not interested in giving money to those that really need it,its all about US US its not the politicians fault,its really you and I messing ourselves up.

TV…The national broadcaster got a new look recently. Please note, new look does not always translate to cool,but we pulled it off..we are in the league of other national broadcasters in the region.And by the region I mean around lake Victoria…especially to its North.

I really do think this country rocks. Its like, that really rocking thing. Our undoing is the fact that we have somehow convinced ourselves that we deserve better. That we deserve more..more electricity,more money…more recent movies at the cinema..and more time to keep writing this…




  • Lovely Amphibian Reply April 27, 2006

    I feel your pain. Even when i know this is home, everytime i look around and see the way things are going, the bile rises. i know its my duty to see that things are fine, not any anyone else’s and i shouldnt be bitching but there’s something really disheartening to know that there are people out there who pay taxes to help the people of this country have a good life but that money never gets to do what its requisitioned for in the first place. what? i’m ranting? well…

    great post, though.

  • Degstar Reply May 13, 2006

    i love ur game, now will you plz drop in more often? i know you have elec sometimes at your crib…

  • savage Reply May 16, 2006

    Dude did you get banned from the blogosphere or what?

  • Iwaya Reply May 16, 2006

    10k down if Ivan blogs before this week is out! Ivan you can collect, you know where to find me…

  • Carlo Reply May 16, 2006

    no, i’ll bet you another 10k, make that 20k. and ivan, don’t bother collecting cuz you don’t know where to find me.

    oh, LOL on No Creature by the way. i’ve been away for far too long!

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