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The Election Article

We knew this was coming,but first a random quote;

Everything that has a beginning has an end. I see the end coming, I see the darkness spreading. I see death… and you are all that stands in his way. If you cannot stop him tonight, then I fear tomorrow will never come.

And a holla @Inktus!….now the story….

I really have no idea how far I can stretch this.I am awfully sleepy as it is and I think they have stopped offering result updates…This thing has really played out like a Reality Show.One I could have scripted thus;

Dude wakes up.Its only natural.I mean if you’re gonna start your day it only makes sense that you should wake up at some point,right? So this guy wakes up. He is happy for the beautiful morning, the birds singing outside his window and the Houseboy making noise in much the same locale as the birds.

He takes a bath and dresses up and goes on to vote.He doesn’t know where exactly,but he is in a good mood so it really doesn’t matter. He could walk to the end of the planet if he had to,he loves democracy. He very nearly does walk to the end of the planet because someone,in their infinite wisdom,saw it fit to strike his name off the register.

He still loves this brand of democracy. This stemming from the fact that some other dude has offered him about 40 ballot papers to use.

He walks to the box…watch him walk to the box…

I’m going to sleep.I apologise for wasting your time….




  1. fear not mate, d fever has only just begun. we have three more days of elections to go, seriously though, only the one on March 8 wen we vote in Pastor Sematimba. Go Pi-rra!

  2. i’m sooooo holding my breath for the election results so don’t you be playing with my mind. besides, the monitor and new vision sites are all jam packed here so i can’t find anything except on bbc, mail and guardian and other non-ugandan thingies.

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