Every so often I tend to digress…and while I’m doing that I end up making all sorts of mistakes in my blog. This is one of them.

October 3rd.My Birthday. I kept on dropping hints, kept rubbing the date in everyone’s face. If you didn’t get it you’re lucky. In retrospect, what was I up to? Was it really worth it? I mean everyone that reads this has probably got a birthday, well almost everyone.

I like to think of it as an opportunity to look back and make some sort of assessment of a year gone by, ask myself if I am better off than I was years back. More often than not the answer comes back as Yes! I am.

Years ago I didn’t have you guys as friends. Years ago I didn’t have a blog. Years a go I didn’t have a shot at the Big L…Love! for all y’all that have decided to play dumb.

Loads of stuff has happened along the way here. Some good, some bad…Nonetheless, it’s not how often I have fallen down that matters, but how many times I have gotten back up again. Oft its been because of you…at other times its been coz of Divine intervention. All in all, I couldn’t do it all on my own, who am I, Whitney Houston?

This is my way of saying Thanks..For everything,far too often we go through life without actually appreciating the work of our friends or if we do,we fail to acknowledge the contributions, the changes they have consciously or subconsciously made in our lives…This here is an expression of gratitude to the web-literate pals I have.

Those that can not be arsed to learn how to surf have not lucked out. I reckon in the next couple of days I’ll still say thanks. It’s a one week thing I hope…

So without naming each and everyone of you…Cheers!!

****The Usual Me will be back shortly!****




  • Free iPods Reply October 5, 2005

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  • Mataachi Reply October 7, 2005

    shit! i forgot. sorry.

  • baz Reply October 7, 2005

    Funny you should mention the Big L, because I recently had a shot at one myself. Yes, that’s right. Those two chicks I told you about? They ARE A COUPLE! What is this, Christmas?

    If you had thrown a party as I had hinted I would have invited them.

  • Degstar Reply October 8, 2005

    mate, lemme FINALLY buy u a real grown up drink. i’ll even let u name the place, as long as it’s within spitting distance of kisementi.

  • baz Reply October 10, 2005

    By the way, in case I wasn’t clear earlier, what I meant to say was that the two women are A SAME SEX couple. That is, they are LESBIANS. They like LIKE THEIR TOAST WITH MARMALADE! Gotta love that!

  • Carlo Reply October 11, 2005

    considering you forgot my birthday, all’s fair in love and war. thanx for being sweet. hey, do you think i could solicit a personal mention on your blog? where you say something like “i really appreciate Carlo for standing me for more than 6 years and blah blah blah”? nah, didn’t think so.

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