Seeing Red:A Rouge Story

The first thing that crept into my mind as I entered the club can not be printed.Not necessarily the first thing when you get down to it,but the first word.It was an exclamation of sorts.Nonetheless,I made my way up the stairs and my vision was accosted by the colour.

I realize at this point you’re looking at this and thinking, “What did he expect?What an idiot?” In my defense,I half expected a few shades of any colour but red,but red is all I got.
In a somewhat unique way,(and I say unique in the broadest sense of the word) the club is pretty roomy.I casually observed a lady nearby doing the splits.

Before you get all high and mighty,ask yourself how exactly this is a bad thing. Seeing as there was sufficient room.she didn’t bother anybody.Plus the Rouge is probably the only club where she could do this.In Silk someone would have tripped over her(and said something tacky to the effect,“I fell for her!” *embarrassed laugh*) and if she’d taken that sort of thing to Ange she would have been trampled under some sort of stampede.
Let’s face it,sometimes Ange tends to get so crowded you spend half the night trying to get in.

Something about the place gave me the impression that I didn’t quite fit in. I can’t put my finger on it really.It might have been the fact that the music could not quite be danced to(someone will probably want to dispute this) or the fact that the smoke coming up from under the dancefloor was very suspect.Given the right amount of smoke you could look out for someone,anyone that you had a grudge with and visited your wrath upon him.

Then again I almost felt the way I would if I entered a nightclub only to find that I was one of 12 Ugandans…no,scratch that,Africans…

This is a good thing,you realize.It means that no matter how badly off you are,you can never be the worst dancer in a place like this….



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