Gimme a HI-5…Gimme a Break

Right so we have this brand new idea right,its called HI 5.Y’all know about it,I know you do because my mailbox is practically bursting with pleas from people begging me to be a part of HI 5 so I can get some ninety sumthin’ pals. Seriously now,do I need this? Do I really need more friends?What are you guys getting at?

Who has some terminal disease and is going to need replacing?

So anywho, I opt to play along,let’s see how this whole Hi-5 thing plays out,oh Lord,new friends,what an exciting prospect,more birthdays to forget,more names to stuff into my head…(yeah i know,not a mean feat,but regardless)And then here is the twist. After all the wailing and quite frankly scary threats I have been receiving (Yo! Nigga,accept this here request or I’m gonna burst a cap in your ****)…NO bloody testimonials!!

Listen,or read or whatever,I am not saying I am a great guy or anything.I certainly don’t help old ladies cross the road or nothing'(Let’s be honest,if you pulled that stuff back here you’d be yelled at and get enough sneers and jeers to make a beat-boxing album)..but I know you guys,you lot are wordy.Plus,Carlo attested that she is actually techno-savvy,so…What the heck is the problem? Don’t you guys care?What did I do? *sniff,sniff* you guys are bringing back memories of an unhappy childhood….Not mine though,some poor hapless bastard next to me that’s sympathising and suggesting i should just stop right about …..





  • Carlo Reply May 5, 2005

    does everything you do have to be so full of drama? i can’t do the whole hi5 thing by the way cuz it’s blacklisted from our computers. we’re supposed to do important things and not make 90 new friends. i feel you by the way.

  • inktus Reply July 15, 2005

    but how else will we kno who knows how to use a computer n who doesnt? personaly, thats the 1 thing (if anything) hi5 has done 4 me… i mean ______ (insert name of any s.6 vaccist) knows how to type??!!?? who wud’v guessed….. live n learn….

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