Here We Go Again

Its gotten such that I always want to come up with some catchy title for my blogs.I actually thought anatomy of a strike was brilliant,worthy of a Pulitzer even(assuming Pulitzer’s were awarded on the basis of titles)..then I went to Google and there were about 500 Anatomies.Its pretty sad really.I can not lay claim to having the only anatomy,coz someone in Portland also thought that would be a cool title for her dissertation.

I went for a rally today.I wasn’t like,really psyched for the thing,no lie.I just thought that after all the stories it would be really neat if i actually went and saw these things for myself.I would love to delve into the minutest of details,but that sort of thing is for my article this Sunday,so…



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  • Carlo Reply April 14, 2005

    i personally think the anatomy thing was worth a pulitzier. the gay guy with the pen, LOL, really funny. do you really think you’re that attractive, even to guys? hmmmm . . .

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